Introducing: We're The Russos!

Editor's note: I'm happy to introduce a new video series called We're the Russos. They are living the dream of many of us - full-timing and traveling the country! Below is an introductory video so you can meet them, followed by some of their most recent videos to get you brought up to speed. Scroll all the way down to learn more about the Russos.

Vlog (episodes 038 & 037)
Vlog stands for video log, and it's a series of weekly videos the Russos have done showing some of the highlights of the places they've been to. Below are two of their most recent installments, the first being a trip to Honest Coffee Roasters outside Nashville and the second a synopsis of driving their motorhome over the Great Smoky Mountains.

Another "Channel" of theirs is RVing, which are video walk-throughs, product and campground spotlights and how-to videos. Below are three of their most recent RVing videos: First, a review of the Lazydays RV Resort in Tampa; Second, a review of the Winnebago View 24V, and; Third, a review of the Thousand Trails RV Park in Orlando.

About We're the Russos
In 2015, Joe and Kait Russo quit their jobs, sold their home, and got rid of most of their possessions to live their dream – travel and work for themselves. Together with their rescue dog, Leo, the Russos are traveling all across North America seeking adventure. Their rig is a 2015 Newmar Bay Star, a gas motorhome coming in just shy of 30 feet. Visit their website for tons of more information about the Russos and their travels. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel, where they have videos on RVing, Living Life on Your Terms, Following their Adventure, and more, plus they're on Twitter and Facebook.