Introducing RV Carports from Elephant Structures

Elephant Structures Now Delivers And Installs Metal RV Carports and Garage Buildings Nationwide.

The outdoors is a great thing that many of us want to enjoy peacefully in our spare time without constantly having to worry about what’s happening to our stuff when we’re out of town or asleep at night. It’s imperative that an economical solution for RV carports and Metal Garage Fabrication exists, and luckily it does.

Elephant Structures is a company that’s been in the metal building business for 37 years. They know what they’re doing when it comes to fabrication and engineering for longevity. They wouldn’t be around for as long as they have otherwise, and they have personally taken the effort to learn about the consumer’s desires each year they have been in business. 

It’s also important to have many customization options that allow for customers to get exactly what they need without having to compromise. Their buildings come in many different colors, barn red, burgundy, brown, forest green, beige, tan, galvalume, clay, white, dark gray, light gray, and slate blue. 

It’s worth mentioning however, that those are only the color customization options. Each building is massively customizable structurally, down to the wind speed and snow load that each can handle through a certification process. The walls can be configured in whatever manner the customer needs, as well as the ends, doors, and windows. There are a plethora of sizing options, along with height and square feet. 

There are three different types of roof structures available in their metal garage series. The regular roof, which is the base line curved roof option. The boxed eave which is an upgraded style with an angled pitch and overhand. The vertical roof option has hat channel that upgrades the strength of the roof tremendously, even without certification. Also, the paneling on the vertical roof motivates rain due to its orientation to fall to the sides of the structure. Keeping the owner a little drier if they need to retrieve their property or make it back inside after storing it. There are lean-to structures that can compartmentalize the storage area, in case it is desirable to keep an RV in the base structure and lawn mower on the side. These are just as customizable as the main structure is, allowing for extra garage doors, windows, and walk-in doors which they offer as well.

So, one might be thinking, “What’s the catch here? When it comes time for installation and delivery.” Well, the fact of the matter is that Elephant Structures has some of the quickest turn around in the business at 4-6 weeks and all with free installation and delivery. That alone is motivation to take a look at their product. Many companies will charge for installation and delivery almost as much as the cost of the building itself. Or they’ll shortcut Elephant’s prices with a building that will need to be replaced in a year or two due to shoddy construction and insufficient gauge of steel. Not Elephant. They’ve learned over 37 years that treating the customer with respect and dignity is the best way to stay in business. 

Looking for a metal building? Browse photos for inspiration, or check local pricing of various style buildings at where you can conveniently shop online with local pricing. Their buildings are delivered and installed anywhere you need protection from the sun.

Call 888-654-8299 for complete details about your metal building options with Elephant Structure.

Source: Press Release