Guest post: How to prepare your RV mattress for a trip to the Great Lakes

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If you are planning a vacation to the Great Lakes in your RV, you are in for a wonderful trip. You are probably already prepping your RV, purchasing supplies, and planning your itinerary. One commonly overlooked step in RV trip preparation is the mattress. If your mattress is not maintained properly, it could cause neck, back and shoulder pain, which would put a damper on your trip.

The mattress can hide dust and allergens, giving you a trip-ruining case of the sniffles.
First of all, airing out your RV mattress will reduce the buildup of germs and allergens, providing a more comfortable trip. Remove all the sheets and covers and take it outside on a sunny day. Try to make sure the sun is hitting mattress directly. Let in it sit in the sun for 3 hours minimum; 6 or more hours is preferred.

Next, clean up your camper mattress. Be sure to wash all the linens, including the mattress protection pad, at a high temperature, in order to make sure you are bed bug and acarian-free. If you don't have a mattress protection pad, it is highly recommended that you purchase one. It will protect your mattress from dirt and wetness, as well as provide a comfortable, more supportive rest.

Furthermore, vacuum it thoroughly to remove any lingering dirt. While you are vacuuming, inspect it closely. If you find lumps, tears, or other damage, it is time to replace your RV mattress. The quickest way to an achy back is a damaged mattress.

You will also need to replace your mattress if it is over seven years old. At that point, mattresses start to breakdown and will not provide a good night’s rest. If you are replacing a mattress on a sofa bed, consider the height of the mattress. Another factor to consider when purchasing a sofa bed is whether to buy foam or spring. The sofa bed mattress is 50% as thick as a regular bed mattress. That is not a lot of room for springs, so consider opting for a quality foam mattress, as these provide better support than the spring mattresses of the same height.

Well, if you gotten through all these steps, your trailer mattress is ready to provide optimum support while on your breathtaking trip. One more tip though: while traveling, wash your sheets frequently and leave the windows open on the trailer to air out the bed a bit. Your mattress will be less susceptible to bed bugs and you will get a more comfortable, dust and allergen free rest. Now, what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy the Great Lakes!

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