Top 10 Awesome Macgyver Tricks for your RV

Every day, Marianne Riddle from Motorhome Madness sends out an email with that day's highlight of
anything and everything an RVer might enjoy on the Internet. The other day she featured this little nugget ...

Top 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For Themselves

Below are the three that I thought would work best for RVers. But I would encourage you to click on their link above so you can see the rest, because they all are pretty cool.

  • Make perfect pancakes with a squeeze bottle. Clean an empty ketchup bottle, fill it with pancake mix. Then, simply squeeze out the perfectly portioned pancake. Voila!
  • Organize anything with an over-the-door shoe holder bag.
  • Create extra shelf space with a tension rod. Actually, for us RVers, tension roads help keep everything in place.