Guest Post: Tim Enright of

I would like to thank Rick for allowing me to introduce myself to his viewers. For anyone who does not know me, I am Tim Enright. I founded the website HitchUpandGo. I am what you might call an RV fanatic. I enjoy both the flexibility and freedom that the RV lifestyle provides.

Along with my wife, the two of us have been campers for most of our lives. As usual we started out camping in tents. One morning while camping in the rain we woke to find ourselves both cold and wet. That is when we decided to upgrade to an RV. We chose to purchase a 5th wheel. The functionality of a 5th wheel fit our lifestyle perfectly. We just recently migrated into a 2013 Jayco Eagle and absolutely love it.

Our travels have taken us to plenty of exciting places. We have setup camp at Disney World, Wal-Mart parking lots, truck stops and even in the middle of the woods. Each place has its own charm. If I had to put my finger on the best place we have ever been, the truck stop would not be it.

Once while traveling through Vermont we were told that one place we had to visit was the Trapp Family Lodge (famous from the family in the movie Sound of Music). This resort is located on top of a steep mountain. Half way up I said to my wife “are you sure people tow their RVs up here?” It was soon enough that I discovered the answer was “Nope.” At the top there was only a small parking lot and absolutely no room to turn the rig around. After quite some time of maneuvering, I did however manage to get pointed back down the road.

Back in the winter of 2005 I created the website HitchUpandGo. The site was born while planning an upcoming RV trip my wife and I were putting together. We found it quite time consuming searching the entire internet looking for the various links to the information we needed for our trip. As we gathered the links that proved to be the most useful, I placed them on a website.

Other RVers quickly discovered the ease and usefulness of this directory of RV links. HitchUpandGo was designed with the RVer in mind. On the site you will find all the information you will need to make your RV experience a great one. HitchUpandGo wants to allow you more time RVing and less time preparing for your trip. RVing is all about fun and relaxation. We will provide you with everything you will need to get you on your way.

After all wouldn't you rather just....... HitchUpandGo?

Tim R. Enright