Energizer helping Grand Canyon campers stay powered

Energizer and the National Park Foundation Launch Public Effort to Power and Preserve America's National Parks
Peter Facinelli, star of "The Twilight Saga" and "Nurse Jackie," hosts kick off at Grand Canyon, helping a campsite stay powered off the grid and showing how everyone can get involved

So I got this press release at work the other day. Like most press releases, it's full of hyperbole, exclamation points and other marketing rhetoric.

Nine out of 10 of them I simply toss. But this one was cool enough that, once you cut through the fluff, is actually worthwhile to us campers. For me, anyway, it's always cool to discover another celebrity who's into RVing, plus the Energizer link leads to some nifty products you might find useful on your next camping trip.

 So, without further commentary, here's the press release...

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. – With the help of Peter Facinelli, actor and outdoor enthusiast, Energizer is using its latest solar and outdoor products to help a group of Grand Canyon National Park campers stay connected and powered when camping off the grid. The event is part of the company’s national launch of the "Now That’s Positivenergy" campaign.

In partnership with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, the program brings awareness to the importance of preserving our country’s greatest natural resources and gives people a number of ways to get involved.

Facinelli joined a group of Grand Canyon campers in an event demonstrating how the latest outdoor products can help power camping experiences more responsibly. Campers from the Arizona Camping Club brought a campsite alive through the use of Energizer solar panels, LED headlights, solar chargers, flashlights, lanterns and more. After powering the campsite, they helped to power park preservation efforts by participating in a volunteer clean-up effort with National Park Service rangers. The event kicks off a series of now that’s positivenergy national park volunteer events taking place this spring and early summer in communities across the country.

“America’s national parks are home to our country’s most majestic canyons, highest mountains, oldest forests and most-treasured historic sites, making their preservation so important,” said Jim Olsen, Vice President of Marketing for Energizer North America. “From products that can help power outdoor adventures more responsibly to donations to the National Park Foundation to volunteer efforts around the country, we hope everyone takes the opportunity to get involved.”  

How to Get Involved
From April 16 through April 24, the country celebrates National Park Week. Not only can everyone receive free admission to all national parks this week, but people can also text BUNNY to 27722 to trigger a $1.00 donation from Energizer to the National Park Foundation, up to $50,000. Energizer’s goal is to donate $400,000 to the National Park Foundation this spring, and the public can help them get there.

Right now in stores specially-marked Energizer products contain a special code so when someone buys three participating products, he or she can go online to www.nowthatspositivenergy.com and redeem the codes for a $10 reward toward a national park adventure or elect for Energizer to donate the reward directly to the National Park Foundation.

For the people who prefer to get more hands-on, they can RSVP to join a now that’s positivenergy national park volunteer event by visiting nowthatspositivenergy.com/parks or facebook.com/energizerbunny and clicking on the Parks tab. While there, visitors also have the power to select one of the park recipients through an online vote, which runs from Monday, April 18, through Friday, May 13. Each park hosting an event will receive a grant from Energizer and a donation of responsible power solutions including solar panels, chargers, batteries, solar lights and other lighting products.  

Peter Facinelli
When he’s not playing Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the blockbuster films from "The Twilight Saga" franchise or Dr. Fitch Cooper on Showtime’s critically-acclaimed "Nurse Jackie," Facinelli can often be found on the road with his family in their personal RV. After learning about Energizer’s efforts to support the National Park Foundation, Facinelli decided to get involved not just because of his role as an RV owner but also his role as a dad.

“Exploring the great outdoors is one of my family’s favorite pastimes,” said Facinelli. “Being part of this program teaches my children — and helps to spread the message — that there are ways we can all get involved in helping to make a positive impact.”  

About now that’s positivenergy
The partnership with the National Park Foundation is Energizer’s first major initiative as part of its new now that’s positivenergy campaign. The campaign was born from the realization that everyone is beginning to take more responsibility for the choices they make, but no one wants to sacrifice performance. Energizer is committed to offering choices to meet both of those needs – from long lasting products that create less waste because consumers are using fewer batteries, to national initiatives that help make the world a better place, the company has always designed with people and the planet in mind.  

About the National Park Foundation
From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, Gettysburg to Golden Gate, the National Park Foundation has worked for more than four decades to strengthen and preserve the 84 million acres of cherished landscapes, ecosystems and historic sites in America’s nearly 400 national parks.

“Our mission is to strengthen the connection between the American people and their national parks,” said Neil Mulholland, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “The national parks belong to all Americans, and it’s programs like this with Energizer that celebrate that relationship and inspire everyone to get involved.”  

For More Information
For more information on Energizer’s National Parks Initiative or camping products, visit www.nowthatspositivenergy.com or www.facebook.com/energizerbunny and click on the National Parks tab.

For more information on the National Park Foundation or National Park Week, visit www.nationalparks.org or www.nationalparkweek.com.