Thoughts on the Arkansas camping tragedy

UPDATE: Maumee Bay State Park was not evacuated. I heard the story wrong. My relatives did indeed leave the park, but it was their own choice.

It is interesting to note how severe weather has affected us all in recent weeks.

In Arkansas, a flash flood sent an eight-foot wall of water crashing through a campground in the middle of the night. Tragically, people died. My prayers go out to all involved in the Arkansas camping tragedy.

More people might have died had campers not come to each other's rescue, as there were reports of people trying to warn others by knocking on RV doors and windows. I can't imagine waking up to someone banging on my camper, then realizing there was a very real threat to the safety of my family.

Several states away, in northwest Ohio, tornadoes tore through a small town, killing several and destroying the local high school. In nearby Maumee Bay State Park, however, park officials evacuated the campground due to the forecast of severe weather. My relatives were among those who were sent home. The tornado steered clear of the campground, but what if it didn't and the campground was still full?

I am not casting blame; accidents happen and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. But I also think officials at Maumee Bay State Park in Ohio deserve credit.