Almost time to camp

Our first camping trip of the season is nearly upon us!

June 18-20 we will be heading to Seven Lakes State Park in Holly, Michigan. This is our annual end of the school year weekend getaway with two dozen or so grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins. Fifth-wheels, travel trailers, hybrids and tents will be our homes for the three days.

Usually by now my Aunt Diane (a.k.a. Julie McCoy from the Love Boat) has already organized a menu for the trip. It was tacos for a couple of years, and last year we used two Perfect Campfire Grills to cook 59 chicken breasts. Love those grills and good to support a local company.

We'll let you know what the menu is/was this year.

We always choose a different state park and this is our first time at Seven Lakes. The Michigan DNR description says this: "An endless variety of topography and ecosystems form the area called Seven Lakes. Its land was a combination of farmland, rolling hills and forests. About 230 acres of water with several miles of shoreline await the park user. The dam, formed one large lake from seven small lakes."

We'll take pictures and post our review for all to see.

At the end of this month is our big camping trip: a few days in Cincinnati, Ohio and then Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. We're planning on seeing the Cincinnati Zoo and also an afternoon game of the Reds vs. Phillies (we're big baseball fans). We still haven't decided what Mammoth Cave tours we'll take. Need to decide soon; any suggestions?

That's all for now. Talk again soon.