Next Generation of Portable, Wire-Free Rear Vision System

(Press Release)

Hyndsight Vision Systems is taking a big step forward in the consumer vision industry with the introduction of their new portable, wireless rear view vision system. This turnkey system is comprised of a custom designed wire-free camera and monitor with a sunlight readable screen, antenna set, and two mounts in a hard shell case. The system is rugged, weather resistant and provides a “real-to-life” visual field versus fish-eye vision systems. The system provides real-time video stream through a direct wireless connection (camera to monitor) and a clear image that can transmit up to one-third of a mile with direct line of sight.

One of the revolutionary highlights of the product is that it can be mounted literally anywhere within seconds, with the ability to pair-up to four cameras per monitor. It can operate four to five hours before charging is required or can be optionally hard-wired. Three product lines with different lens angles are available, offering additional flexibility and options for use in any environment.

“So many so-called “wireless” rear vision systems leave consumers disappointed because most of these systems need to be hard-wired for power and antenna connections which can be time consuming and result in costly installation fees on top of the cost of the unit,” says Melissa Thompson, CEO of Hyndsight. “This breakthrough system offers a high quality construction, monitor and three different camera options with absolutely no wire instillation.”

Because the system is totally portable and wireless, it is easily transferable for multiple applications that require clear rear view visualization to help prevent collisions and provide safety monitoring, including:
  • Back-up system on a car or RV
  • Rowing shells, motor or sail boats
  • Horse trailers and stable security
  • Tractor trailers and agricultural machinery
  • Home and car security
Without the hassle of wires, the flexibility of the system is only limited by the consumer’s imagination. Obstructed vision in all of these industries can cause injury and even death to individuals. “We recently got a call from a gentleman in the Midwest who is using the system on his airplane while crop dusting,” notes Thompson. “The portability, sunlight readability, ruggedness, and wire free solution give users greater flexibility when purchasing a camera and monitor system.”

“No other remote camera system on the market today offers more versatility, true wireless operation, or more rugged construction than the Hyndsight Vision System," notes Brad Harter, former Professor of the Backcountry Horsemanship program at Hocking College and leader of hundreds of wilderness horsemanship programs throughout the U.S. “In my business, it’s a perfect system for monitoring horses in a trailer and in the evening you can easily move the camera and monitor wherever needed such as a stable or pen.”

Founded in 2011, Hyndsight Vision Systems corporate offices and distribution center is located in Peterborough, NH. The company has secured world-wide distribution agreements with national and international companies and has several new products in development. The product is featured on Tractor Supply Company’s online store and soon will be on Amazon. For more information, go to or call 603-924-1334.