Dometic to Introduce PowerChannel Awning Accessories

Elkhart, Ind.-based Dometic Group, global supplier of comfort and convenience products for the RV, automotive, truck, marine and lodging industries, will showcase three new PowerChannel accessories for the Dometic 9100 PowerChannel Awning at the industry-only 2015 Elkhart Open House in September.

RVers should expect to see this Powerhannel Awning on RVs as soon as this fall at consumer RV Shows.

The Dometic PowerChannel patent-pending technology provides power through the 9100 PowerChannel Awning’s roller tube and provides a place to connect and run Dometic’s range of new PowerChannel accessories, such as the PowerChannel Bluetooth Speaker, PowerChannel Fan and PowerChannel LED Spotlight. The accessories attach, cord-free, to the awning roller tube. Just insert an accessory’s power base into the PowerChannel, then twist and click for it to stay in place wherever you want it positioned.

“The PowerChannel eliminates cord clutter that can be unsightly and hazardous: No extension cords are necessary to get light, music and a cool breeze while enjoying outdoor space. RVers can pull up to a campsite, flick a switch to open up their power awning, and quickly snap on a fan, Bluetooth speaker or extra light,” said VP of OEM Sales & Marketing Dave Schutz. “Within minutes of arrival, RVers can be sitting out under their awning, relaxing with friends and family.”

The PowerChannel awning also includes a strip of LED ambient lighting that runs the length of the awning, and is independently controlled with an on/off switch. The PowerChannel draws 12 volts of power and can run multiple and different types of accessories up to 15 amps.

  • Bluetooth Speaker – Designed to be compact yet powerful, this Bluetooth-compatible speaker provides excellent sound quality.
  • Fan – Providing fixed or oscillating operation with an adjustable angle, this fan has a full safety grille and a long-life motor.
  • LED Spotlight – Built to last with waterproof metal/polycarbonate construction, this spotlight has a four-LED array providing 600 lumens and a 30,000-hour life. 

PowerChannel technology can be used indoors as well as outdoors. At the Open House, Dometic also introduced the PowerChannel Rail, an easy-to-install track that delivers the same 12V power for indoor use. RVers simply snap on a fan, speaker or extra light to cool down, listen to music or read. The rail also serves as a place to store those appliances when not in use. The PowerChannel Rail comes in 2-foot or 4-foot lengths.

“Dometic’s PowerChannel technology is redefining outdoor electrical connectivity for RVers and their coaches,” said Dometic VP of Marketing Doug Curtis. “It is the only product on the market that provides simultaneous connection of multiple and different types of accessories. RVers will love its simplicity and practicality.”