Gear Spotlight: Lightweight Scout Hammock by PAK-IT-LITE

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Gear Spotlight: Lightweight Scout Hammock by PAK-IT-LITE
We have a hammock with us when we camp and, whenever there two sturdy trees about 15 feet apart, you can find me asleep in my hammock at the campsite most afternoons.

The Lightweght Scout hammock by PAK-IT-LITE, one of four models by the Georgia-based company, would be a worthy addition to any RVer's collection of cargo. 

The Lightfoot Scout is designed to be a great lightweight summer backpacking hammock or for just hanging out at the campsite, in the back yard, or at the beach or lake. The Lightfoot Scout allows you to lay in a more comfortable, flat position — not the familiar banana shape other hammocks make you lay in. Capacity is 290 pounds. 

While the Lightfoot Scout is the simplest and most basic hammock design made by PAK-IT-LITE, its hammock bed still has the same patented design as the F.O.B, ReconMN and Scout models, and the same wind- and water-resistant taslan nylon body that has the look and feel of cotton. 

Optional Gear Loft
Unlike PAK-IT-LITE’s other hammocks, the Lightfoot Scout does not have a bed liner. Also, while the F.O.B and RecomMN have a fixed ridgeline, the Lightfoot Scout does not. Because of this, PAK-IT-LITE uses an 8-foot “cheater” line that helps hang the hammock in order to achieve the proper sag that mimics the design of the other hammocks.

The optional rain fly is engineered around the design of PAK-IT-LITE hammocks. The rain fly’s patented “peaked” design provides rain protection as you sit or stand at the hammocks doorway. Sidewalls on the fly protect the hammock ends from driving rains. There are no sewn seams directly over the hammock itself and the fly’s peak can be adjusted (with an optional hiking pole) up or down depending on the severity of the weather. With the peak in the full down position, the fly tucks under the hammock and creates a bombproof shell in driving rain. The fly can be set up without the hammock as a shelter for ultra light backpacking.

The Lightfoot Scout hammock from is sold by PAK-IT-LITE for $45. Options include the rain fly, gear loft, support system and support line. Visit PAK-IT-LITE's website for more information.