Like Crocs? You'll love Floafers

Editor's note: Crocs are the ultimate oxymoron. They're ugly and they make my feet sweat. But they clean up easy and they're indestructible. I don't wear mine anymore, but my camping friends and relatives wear them constantly around the campsite. For them and Croc-lovers everywhere, here's some info about Floafers, a new product from a startup company. (Although, I have to admit, the white ones have a sort of Cousin Eddie look about them.)

Floafers, Lightweight, Waterproof Shoes that Combine the Elegant Look of a Loafer with the Versatility of a Croc, Launch on Kickstarter

Floafers, versatile shoes that feature the style of driving loafers with the utility of true, slip-resistant water shoes that can literally be worn anywhere, today launched on Kickstarter.

For Floafers co-creator Hayes Brumbeloe, the idea for the unique shoes has been three years in the making.

“My wife and I were planning a trip to the Bahamas and I really wanted a pair of loafers I could wear to the beach, in the water or on a boat… a pair of shoes also stylish enough to fit right in, even when worn at a restaurant or an office,” Brumbeloe said. “What we eventually came up with was stylish loafers combined with the utility of crocs.”

Developed as a stylish lifestyle shoe brand, Floafers are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam – an environmentally-friendly material that is lightweight and waterproof. The soles of the shoes are made with scruff-proof and slip-resistant Thermoplastic Copolyester (TPC) rubber – which makes them ideal for wearing on boats or any kind of wet surface.

“When it comes to vacationing, especially on short weekend outings, with Floafers, you only need one pair of shoes,” Brumbeloe said. “They even have a utility hole in each pair that allows you attach your Floafers to your backpack, your bike, your golf bag – or even to a tube as you float down a river. Floafers even float.”

While Floafers have the versatility to be worn at the office, they are ideal for many outdoor activities including: 
  • Boating: sailing, yachting, power-boating, windsurfing, kayaking & canoeing
  • Fishing: recreational, competitive, deep-sea & weekend warriors
  • Leisure: Biking and walking, tubing & paddle-boarding
  • Outdoors: hiking, backpacking & camping
  • Travel and cruises: resorts, beaches, water parks & pool parties
  • Golfing:19th hole approved!
Since they have the stylish look of loafers, and with their slip-resistant soles and comfort, Floafers can also be worn in doctors’ offices by nurses, X-ray/lab technicians, etc.; at restaurants by chefs, line cooks, wait staff, dishwashers; or at any job, like retail, where employees are on their feet for long hours.

They are breathable, designed with strategic vent holes and side gills to allow for fast drying, and are also anti-microbial and odor-resistant.

Brumbeloe also notes that Floafers were made to be very affordable compared to crocs and other similar shoes on the market today.

For more information, visit the Floafers Kickstarter campaign page.

About Floafers 
Floafers is a startup shoe company based in Dallas founded in 2014 by Hayes Brumbeloe and Daniel Rubertone with a mission to produce attractive, stylish and functional shoes for both men and women, with plans to offer a line of children’s shoes. The company’s first line of Floafers have a patented design that includes strategic vent holes and side gills for breathability and fast drying, and are offered in several stylish designs which make Floafers a “lifestyle shoe brand, perfect for any occasion.” For more information, visit