Emerald Mountain Outfitters Introduces Premium Quality Double Size Hammock

Source: Emerald Mountain Outfitters LLC

Emerald Mountain Outfitters LLC has announced the market introduction of its newest product, the Mountaineer II® Double Size Camping Hammock which is now available for sale on the Amazon Marketplace.

The Emerald Mountain Outfitters Mountaineer II hammock is an essential camping accessory for all campers and is also great for the beach and home.

This innovative camping hammock offers significant improvements over the typical hammock. It is ultra light, compact and weighs only slightly more than one pound, yet is a double sized hammock. Some features not found in typical hammock offerings include the material, which is 70D Ripstop Parachute Nylon utilizing Diamondweave Fabric Reinforcement Technology and Triple-Stitching.

In addition, the Mountaineer II comes with Snag-Proof Wiregate Carabiners, Gear Loops, and 9 foot Nautical Grade Ropes.

The Mountaineer II Hammock – just launched on major online shopping platforms today – is available in two 3-color models: Burgundy/Navy/Silver and Purple/Teal/Yellow.

Founder & CEO, Nathan DePuy, stated “The Emerald Mountain Outfitters® Mountaineer II Hammock is the result of hours of research into this deceptively simple camping accessory. As outdoors enthusiasts, we wanted to improve upon the typical hammocks offered by other companies by improving the quality of the material and stitching, add 6 gear loops… 3 per side, and include snag-proof Wiregate Carabiners. When you get set up for the night in your hammock, you need loops to hang all of your gear, not some of it… and there is nothing more frustrating than snagging your hammock or other gear with the carabiners.”

The Emerald Mountain Outfitters Mountaineer II Hammock is now available for purchase on Amazon.com and for a limited time is being offered at an introductory price. Included with the purchase is the Mountaineer II Hammock, attached storage pouch, two Wiregate carabiners, 9-foot nautical grade ropes, care & use guide, bonus “The Ultimate Knot Tying Guide” and bonus eBook “How To Live Off The Land”.

Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, Emerald Mountain Outfitters sources or creates the very best camping and outdoor products for people who want to experience the great outdoors. The company was started when founder Nathan DePuy realized that it was hard to find purposefully made outdoor products that were of the highest quality and designed with smart functionality in mind. While available in the marketplace, no one had brought them together into one place, which was the impetus for the creation of the company.