RV Mods & Repair videos: Space Saving Door Hinge, Fixing a Hole in a TPO RV Roof & Testing an RV Battery

Space-Saving Door Hinge by MORryde
This new door hinge (above) by MORryde allows the door to open half into two joining rooms to save space in an RV.

Fixing A Hole In A TPO RV Roof With A Rubber Patch by RV Repair Club
When it comes to maintaining the components on your RV, regular preventative care is just as important as making the right fix when the damage is done. This is especially true for a TPO RV roof, which is that layer of rubber material that lines the roof of your rig and is prone to cuts, rips and holes from any number of sources. Repairing a TPO RV roof that’s experiencing wear and tear is a quick process that requires a simple and inexpensive solution. In this lesson, we teach you how to cover any damage that’s been done to your TPO RV roof to guarantee you won’t need to do more serious repairs down the line.

Testing RV Battery For Charge & Condition by RV Repair Club
The onboard battery has become an essential component of RV travel, powering everything from cooking appliances and camping gadgets to your entertainment for the evenings. That’s why it’s so important to keep track of how well your battery is running and give it proper maintenance between uses.