De-Winterizing the RV: Tips, Hints & Videos

Hi gang. It's finally time to de-winterize our RVs! I realize many of you have already done this, but I haven't so assembling all this information helps put me in the right frame of mind.

First off, one of the best camping magazines around, 50 Campfires, recently came out with a great issue on new gear people should consider for this year's camping season, plus all sorts of tips on Healthy Hiking, mosquitos and campfire cooking recipes.

Spring Cleaning
First off, here's a video from the RV Geeks. Although they are currently enjoying an RV trip in Australia, a while back they put together the video below that offers some spring cleaning advice.

Next, here's a terrific video from Campers Inn RV, a family-owned chain of about a dozen dealerships up and down the East Coast, in which certified service technician Bryan Romano walks through the steps on how to de-winterize an RV,

Sanitizing the RV Tanks
Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101 dedicated an entire issue of their monthly magazine to spring cleaning and maintenance, including roof inspection and awning care.

And, since one of the most often overlooked parts of de-winterizing (at least for me), is sanitizing the water system, below are a couple of videos from them on how to do exactly that.

The RV Geeks also have an excellent video (below) on sanitizing the RV freshwater tank.

General Maintenance
Of course, there's much more to do when getting the RV ready for the camping season. Here's a few other videos that offer some great advice on specific items.