Truma hybrid technology prevents scalding water concerns in instant RV water heaters

One reason the new Truma AquaGo hybrid instant water heater is becoming a success in the North American market is the way it has addressed a problem with many tankless water heaters that are installed in RVs.

Before developing the Truma AquaGo, Truma researched the U.S. RV market and discovered that available on-demand hot water heaters tended to have fluctuating water temperatures that can spike and sometimes scald the user. Because of this, RV buyers have become wary, and the market for tankless or on-demand water heaters has remained relatively small.

In response, Truma engineers developed a method to deliver the constant water temperature that people want and need. Different from anything on the market, the Truma AquaGo temperature stabilizing vessel is a patent pending technology that mixes the hot water from the heat exchanger with cooler buffer-water in the vessel. A cyclone stream developed with help of FEM (finite element analysis) ensures a perfect mixture and constant temperature before leaving the temperature stabilizer. Simultaneously, a microprocessor control system exactly adjusts the burner power in relation to the water outlet temperature to meet the target outlet temperature of 120°F as accurately as possible. Both methods ensure a constant, even water temperature without the risk of scalding. Other systems lack the stabilizing vessel and deliver hot water straight from the heat exchanger, making it difficult to maintain constant and safe temperatures.

“The importance of this feature is reflected in our marketing message of providing instant, constant, and endless hot water,“ said Elden Wood, Truma vice president of sales and marketing. “Instant and
endless hot water is what people want, but without the ‘constant’ temperature RVers have turned away from the benefits of instant water heaters. So this is a key and revolutionary development that makes the Truma AquaGo stand out above the others.”

“We want people to know they can wash up and bathe in water at a constant, safe temperature with the Truma AquaGo. It is not just another tankless, on-demand heater,” said Wood. “The varying
temperatures was a problem waiting for a solution, and we’ve provided that.”

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