Tow-Mate USA launches Universal Flatbed Attachment for Car Tow Dollies

Tow-Mate USA has designed and patented the very first and only flatbed utility trailer option for tow dollies

A family owned and operated business, Tow-Mate USA recently designed Tow-Mate, the very first and the only flatbed utility trailer option for a tow dolly. The company claims that its patented design will allow a secure custom fit to almost all major brands of tow dollies.

The Tow-Mate has been manufactured in the United States from the highest quality aluminium. The manufacturer claims that its 6-x-8 foot flatbed is capable of handling a load up to 1,595 pounds. With its sturdy 1-inch diameter side rails, Tow-Mate provides better load security and can be useful for strapping down any load. It also has several other useful attachments such as stake pockets, loading gate or ramps, ratchet straps, wheel chokes snowmobile tie-downs, wood side rails and motorcycle rail systems. The patented bracket system of Tow-Mate allows it to be attached to or detached from the tow dolly without any tools or holes to be drilled. Also, it will take less than two minutes for one person to put it on or take it off.

Highlighting the benefits of Tow-Mate, a senior official from Tow-Mate USA said, “The Tow-Mate allows a common Tow Dolly to do more than just tow a car. Now you can haul more with this two-in-one trailer option. Save space and money by having one trailer with two solutions instead of having two trailers taking up space in your yard or drive.”

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About Tow-Mate

Tow-Mate USA is a family owned business In Edgar, WI. The Tow-Mate was designed to help all present and future owners of tow dollies get more value from their purchase. They have designed and created the first flatbed product that can fit almost all major brands of tow dollies. They designed it to be lightweight yet durable so it can handle most needs of a standard utility trailer.