Equal-i-zer Hitch video: How To Fix Over or Under-adjusted Weight Distribution

I have an Equl-i-zer hitch and would not tow without it. I'm convinced it's saved my bacon at least twice, and probably three times. The first was during a terrible windstorm on our first trip out with the camper. The second was when we lost a wheel (bolts sheared right off). In both cases the camper was kept under complete control. The third time was just this summer when the tongue came detached from the trailer frame. I'm sure the Equal-i-zer helped in that situation, too.

That's why I'm completely enthralled with this video. I want to go double-check my measurements to make sure they're stll good.

Here's what Equal-i-zer had to say about its video:

In this video Equal-i-zer hitch expert Dave Lewis shows you how to correctly set up the weight distribution of your Equal-i-zer hitch.

The first segment deals with a setup that is distributing too much weight, or is over-adjusted.

The second segment corrects a setup where the weight distribution looks under-adjusted. After checking, the weight distribution is good, but the trailer attitude is wrong and the front end of the trailer needs to be raised.