GenTent Canopy keeps portable generators operating safely in inclement weather

Editor's note: Once again, another press release that crossed my desk that I thought people would be interested in.

GenTent Canopy Keeps Portable Generators Operating Safely in Hurricanes, Blizzards and Other Inclement Weather

NOTTINGHAM, N.H. -- In a company announcement, GenTent Safety Canopies -- makers of easy-to-install weatherproof covers for safe operations of portable generators in virtually any wet weather conditions -- said its GenTent Stormbracer has been tested by 360° Product Testing to withstand 70 MPH winds and 18 inches of snow load, while preserving the cooling ability of the generator, using materials resistant to potential auto-ignition.

Additionally, GenTent Safety Canopies have been awarded a U.S. Patent titled Canopy For Portable Electrical Device.

The news specifically addresses a primary portable generator conundrum: the inability to safely operate outdoors in inclement weather. GenTent Stormbracer solves this issue by enabling the continued and safe operation of portable generators during storms -- in lieu of sheltering these devices indoors and exposing individuals to CO poisoning.

As tested by 360° Product Testing, the GenTent operates in forecast winds of 70 MPH, supports 55.5 lbs of load, remains watertight in the equivalent of 24 inches of rain per hour, does not change the cooling profile or modify air intake of the tested portable generator in any way, and product materials will not auto-ignite even when exposed to high temperature surfaces typical of a hot muffler.

With an initial product launch in March of 2012, GenTent began operations with one primary goal: develop a method to safely keep portable generators operating during the worst weather conditions. GenTents have protected families in the hardest hit areas of Superstorm Sandy and every major U.S. storm since. Today, GenTent has a safe, inclement weather operating solution for 98% of the portable generator market, is 100% manufactured in the U.S., and has sold more than 5,000 units worldwide.

GenTent products are engineered to be more affordable and convenient than stationary, steel generator enclosures, retrofit plastic sheds or DIY dog-houses.

GenTents keep portable generators:

  • Safe while running in wet weather by protecting the Electrical Panels, from any angle, including Blizzard and Hurricane force precipitation.
  • Portable and easily movable -- with easy access for refueling and maintenance.
  • Naturally cool -- unlike generator dog-houses or other full canvas enclosures, cooling air is not blocked.
  • Able to naturally expel exhaust gasses so no buildup of poisoning gasses occurs.

"You need an easy to use product that protects your portable generator for use in inclement weather, and GenTent is the best option. I've used my GenTent safety canopy since 2012, including for three consecutive days during Superstorm Sandy in rural New Jersey and it kept my generator perfectly dry," said Thomas A. D'Angelo, of ECO Systems Environmental Consulting. "I use my GenTent canopy for power outages year-round and in every type of weather. It slips on and off in minutes and their customer support and dedication to offering a durable product is phenomenal. I would recommend GenTent to any portable generator owner."

GenTent Safety Canopies now holds U.S. Patent 8,997,769 titled Canopy For Portable Electrical Device. More specifically, the patent was awarded for GenTent's method of deflection of water from portable electrical equipment, comprising: affixing a plurality of mounting brackets to a frame of said portable electrical equipment; inserting support rods into said brackets as to create a support frame; extending a waterproof cover over said support frame while allowing ventilation of said portable electrical equipment.

"We are proud that GenTent Safety Canopies now holds the industry's first U.S. Patent in the portable generator, weather protection space," said Inventor and GenTent CEO, Mark Carpenter. "It's our intent to share our innovated offering via OEM branded GenTents, with other companies, thereby enabling them to extend our safety product to a greater market base."

GenTent Safety Canopies are available for ordering online, or by contacting the company via email: or phone: 781-33G-TENT (781-334-8368). Pricing starts at $199.00.