Lippert Components Videos: Flow Down RV Sewer Hose Support & Waste Master RV Waste Management System

 The Flow Down keeps your drain hose up off of the ground and easily adjusts to nearly any slope, preventing sewage from getting trapped in the hose. This premium adjustable RV drain support system will help prevent odor and protect your hose from damage. No more carrying lumber, rocks or modified PVC pipe to hold your hose up off the ground. The legs of each section can be simply adjusted using the knobs or can be inverted so the plastic knobs can be used as sturdy platforms in loose soil or mud. One kit extends to over 10 feet and it can be easily expanded to 20 feet by purchasing another kit.

Unlike traditional hose coils that trap debris, the tough Waste Master hose is designed with its helical coil on the outside, while the inside is much smoother, preventing waste from getting trapped inside. The nozzle is molded with an easy-grip handle, an integrated shut-off valve and a clear view port that allows the user to see when waste has completely evacuated, helping ensure the tanks and hose are clean. The nozzle also features a 90 degree discharge port that is easy to fit and secure into any sewage inlet.