Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort acquires closed amusemet park

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The owner of one of Traverse City's most popular recreational sites could breathe new life into a long-shuttered amusement park in Interlochen.

Gordon Wagner, owner of Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort, has purchased the former Fun Country property on US-31 in Interlochen. The 40-acre parcel includes waterslides and equipment, mini-golf course and a 2,058-square foot, four-bedroom home.

Wagner told Beth Milligan of The Ticker that he his interest in the Fun Country property stemmed from a “combination of things,” including equipment he could “possibly relocate” to his East Hammond Road park. Asked if putting the site's waterslides into use at Timber Ridge is one possibility, the owner affirms yes, though he says he needs to ascertain their condition first to determine whether that's a realistic scenario.

Wagner says he's particularly interested in the wooded back half of the property. “I looked at a seasonal RV park as a logical idea for that area,” he says. “It's a half mile back, so you could put a commercial development on the property up front (along US-31), and it wouldn't even bother the back. If I did something like that, I could run an easement road back there (to access the park).”

Though Wagner stresses all possible uses for the park and its assets are still in “the very early stages,” he's open to exploring the full potential of the property.