Incrediblanket stakes a claim as 'World's Best Outdoor Blanket'

The Incrediblanket from ABC Blankets Inc. is a major upgrade from the traditional picnic blanket. Entrepreneur and designer Chris Treister has confidence that his newest product will gain traction with everyone who loves spending time outdoors. To enable the first full-production run of the Incrediblanket, Treister has launched a Kickstarter campaign that has already blown past the funding goal of $10,000.

"We've spent two years refining the basic design of the Incrediblanket," explained Treister. "Today, the prototype is essentially perfect, and all we need is help from the community to make this vision a reality. People who've seen the blanket in person are instantly curious and want to know how they can get their own. Along with our successful Kickstarter, we've also secured some traditional funding to help make full production possible."

The uniqueness of the Incrediblanket's design lies in its patent-pending, built-in ground stakes. Functionally similar to tent stakes, four ground stakes are concealed under Velcro flaps at each of the blanket's corners. Hand pressure is all that's needed to drive each one firmly into place. The ground stakes prevent the usual twisting and folding that happens with regular blankets, especially when children run back and forth over them.

In addition to its convenient ground stakes, the Incrediblanket boasts a waterproof bottom layer. Even on wet sand, moisture won't penetrate the blanket, nor will dirt and debris stick to the blanket when it's time to pack up. Speaking of packing up, the Incrediblanket folds up smaller than most typical picnic blankets, despite its added features.

The Incrediblanket doesn't skimp on portability and convenience; it can be stored in the garage or in a car for quick access – an impromptu picnic, a day at the beach or sporting event, or simply an afternoon in the backyard are all made easy.

For a pledge of only $27, backers of ABC Blankets' Kickstarter campaign will receive an Incrediblanket from the first production run. Larger pledges naturally earn larger rewards. Campaign backers can expect their rewards by April 2015. Looking further ahead, ABC Blankets has deals already in place with retailers to carry the Incrediblanket.

About ABC Blankets Inc.
Company founder Chris Treister grew up in sunny Southern California with a passion for the outdoors. His beautiful wife Suzy and their three "energetic" children love going on picnics at the park or beach, and Chris and Suzy also enjoy snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

Chris has always had the entrepreneurial bug. Even as a teen, his proverbial "wheels" were always turning, thinking of ways to improve upon existing products or services. He is extremely passionate about this new venture and expects that the Incrediblanket will be in everyone's home or car within the next few years.