Camping World Video: Surge Guards

Here's what Camping World had to say about its video (which is pretty much the script the guy in the video recites):

Surge Guards are a must-have for protecting your investment on your electrical system and devices while camping. Surge variances at campgrounds are very common and can quickly destroy many sensitive electrical systems in your unit as well as your electronic devices.

We have two Portable Surge Guards Protectors here manufactured by the Technology Research Corporation. This unit should be used for a 50 amp service while this one should be used for a 30 amp service. They are ideal for pop ups and travel trailers.

Both products can identify faulty power, verify pedestal power and will test for open ground, open neutral, and correct polarity. They are also equipped with easy pull handles for easier and safer unplugging and require no installation. Just plug it in to your power pedestal and plug your unit into your surge guard.

The LED lights found on the front of these surge guards show the status of your power and if there are any potential problems with your power source. At the bottom of the panel there are indicator lights showing when there has been a loss of surge protection.

Don't chance having your camping trip interrupted by a power surge. Get yours today at or your nearest camping world supercenter.