National RV trade Show: YETI Coolers

A few of YETI's coolers.
Editor's note: Another of my takeaways from the National RV Trade Show in Louisville. And, yes, I know YETI Coolers aren't necessarily new, but this is my blog and they caught me eye at the show.

Will Morgan and Casey Sellers of YETI Coolers, based in Austin, Texas, were at the National RV Trade Show looking to enlist dealers to add the company’s premium coolers and accessories to their retail operations.

I'm pretty sure I want one. Or three. One for drinks. One for food. And a third one that's made for toting around. They retain ice longer than any cooler I know (days, not hours!) and they're bear-proof. Bears aren't a problem where we camp so much as clever raccoons, but retaining ice is huge. 

Here's a link to their website page where you can watch dozens of videos of their coolers in action.

“We’ve been selling into the RV industry for quite some time but this was our first real show to attend and I think it’s been well-received,” Morgan told me. “We’ve made a lot of contacts with a lot of people. The future of YETI Coolers and the RV industry paired together is looking good. We’re real excited about the opportunities.”

Morgan added that dealers, who have been using YETI Coolers as a purchase incentive for their customers, are helping generate some buzz for their product. The two said the outlook for 2015 bodes well. The 8-year-old growth has experienced 100% growth every year it’s been in existence, and they hope to maintain that lofty pace. 

Several sizes of the familiar grizzly-proof hard-sided YETI Coolers were on display at their booth at the National RV Show. The company has since branched out to offer soft-sided line as well as insulated stainless steel mugs and a variety of apparel. Furthering their reach into the RV arena makes sense, Sellers said, because coolers and camping go hand-in-hand.

“Everyone who camps needs a good cooler, whether it’s installed in their motorhome or as part of their camper,” Sellers reasoned. “Or, if they need a portable one they need to take with them, it’s good to have a good sturdy cooler that’s going to give them good ice retention as well.”