Camping World Video: Flojet Waste Pump Kit

Sometimes when camping sewer hookups are not available and the nearest dump station could be miles away. You don't want to move your camper once your waste tanks are full, so the Flojet Waste Pump Kit is the perfect solution to the problem.

The Flojet Waste Pump Kit attaches directly to the RV waste outlet and works by sending the tank holdings through a macerator that grinds the waste down to a maximum particle size of 1/8 of an inch. The waste can then easily flow out through a garden hose from the garden hose discharge port to a portable tank, toilet, sewer clean-out port or septic tank.

A typical 30 gallon waste tank can be drained in less than 3 minutes and most recirculating toilets can be emptied in less than 1 minutes.

The Flojet also has a can also be hooked up to fresh water so your tank can be rinsed clean.

This product comes with a sturdy case for storing your Flojet Pump and a convenient on/off remote equipped with a 6' wire harness.

Don't compromise on your camping location because of sewer limitations and buy the Flojet RV Waste Pump Kit at or your local Camping world Supercenter.

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