Westinghouse Introduces New, Easy-to-Operate, Quiet Inverter Generators

Westinghouse is expanding its generator series with new digital inverter generators, which feature a simple plug-and-play system and are more compact, quiet and lightweight than traditional portable and full-frame generators.

According to a company release, Westinghouse's WH1000i and WH2000i Series generators utilize smart inverter technology to automatically regulate their power output based on the number of appliances connected to them. This enables the generators to run more quietly than other portable generators, conserve fuel and provide clean, stable power, similar to that of a utility generator.

The new Westinghouse generators can run up to 13 hours at a 50 percent load capacity on a full tank of gas (1.3 gallons).Flexibility and adaptability are key requirements for campers, RV owners, boaters, hunters and tailgaters.

The inverter generators' plug-and-play technology is free of complicated junction boxes, hardware and ground terminal wiring. The generators support cooking appliances, computers, cordless phones, televisions, lights, security systems, sump pumps, air conditioning systems and more. The WH2000iXLT generator also allows two units to be connected for double the power, and includes a 12V DC power outlet, providing a convenient power source for sensitive mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops; the second unit and connecting cord are sold separately.

Westinghouse inverter generators contain a re-engineered fuel delivery system and color-coded touch points for an easy start, an overload indicator and an efficiency operating mode. The products are backed by a two-year limited warranty and service centers throughout North America.

Westinghouse inverter generators, brought to you by Westpro Power Systems, a Westinghouse Electric licensee, are available now at major retailers. For more information and where to buy, visit www.westpropower.com.

About Westinghouse Electric Corporation
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