Guest Post: SpareFoot makes finding RV storage easy

Author's Note: Enjoy this Guest Post from SpareFoot.

If you are reading this, odds are you love to go camping, as do so many Americans. In fact, according to the Outdoor Foundation, almost 43 million Americans went camping in 2011.

But fans of Gr8LakesCamper aren’t into just any type of camping, they specifically love to post up in their RVs and camp in style — which if we are being honest is the only way to do it, right? Of those 43 million that went camping in 2011, 39% (about 17 million) of them went RV camping, which is up from about 15 million the year before.

Clearly the interest in RV camping is growing, and for good reason. Who doesn’t enjoy that freedom you experience while being out in the middle of nowhere, sitting around a campfire sharing stories with your family and friends, all with the added comfort of knowing that you have a bed to retire to when it’s time to call it a night — that’s the kind of stuff that dreams are made of.

Most people are quick to associate positive thoughts with owning a RV, but those same people don’t take the time to realize what a commitment it is. The cleaning, the washing, filling it up with gas, all those things can be quite a hassle when you’re dealing with such a big vehicle. And let's not forget the parking/storing of your RV. Especially with winter coming up, you can't exactly just leave that thing in the driveway.

So what do most people do? Ideally the best solution is to figure out some way to keep it at your home, but that’s easier said than done. What the majority of people are left doing is finding a self-storage facility that offers RV storage or at least covered RV parking, but going through that process can be a pain, too. 

Thankfully, SpareFoot is here to help.

SpareFoot is an online marketplace for self-storage, with more than 6,000 storage facilities listed on our network, a network that is now bigger than any of the other storage websites combined. SpareFoot makes it easy to find and reserve storage units online for free, as well as read thousands of customer reviews to find the best unit to fit your needs.

But what does all that mean? Basically, SpareFoot is an online resource where people can go and search for storage facilities in their area, anywhere in the country. Now, what we have done recently, and what will help RV campers, is create an RV storage resource that allows you to specifically search for facilities that offer RV storage/parking. Here is how it works:
  1. Visit our RV storage page and enter your city or zip code
  2. Filter the results by size, price or distance, whatever is the most important element to you
  3. Sort through the results and choose the unit that best fits your needs
  4. Complete the reservation form, with your name, email and phone number
  5. Book the unit you have selected, for free
Just like that, in five steps you have not only found a place to store your recreational vehicle, but you have reserved it online for $0 down! All that’s left to do is when the time comes, move your RV into your unit — which is obviously when you will need to actually pay for what you booked. There is no obligation to move-in, however, so if for whatever reason you need to cancel, don’t hesitate to do so.

Finding a place to store your RV needs to be as enjoyable (well, almost) as actually getting to use it, and hopefully SpareFoot's new resource will do just that. Happy camping!