RV Product: Paper Shower Towelette Combo Expands Product Line with Two New Varieties

On-the-Go Shower Alternative Offers New Formula for the Summer Season. 

Paper Shower, the popular on-the-go shower combo towelette pack, is launching two new product varieties this month to help consumers through the sweatiest months of the year. The line expansion includes the new Paper Shower Fresh and Paper Shower Natural, with all new formulas.

“With summer being a time for stuffy commutes and hot outdoor activities, I wanted to be sure that our product line included options for everyone,” says Paper Shower creator, Dr. Jim Bahcall. “The new formulas allow consumers to buy based on personal

The new varieties come in a larger 10" x 12" size and with an improved formula but contain the same easy-to-use wet and dry towelette combination. Paper Shower Natural has a clean lemony scent and uses all-natural ingredients. Paper Shower Fresh offers an all-new unscented formula designed to easily remove sweat and odor.

Lincolnshire IL native Jim Bahcall developed the idea for the original Paper Shower in 2011 when his bicycle commute to the office each morning left him a sweaty mess. Unlike other towelettes on the market, the wet portion of Paper Shower is alcohol-free and contains unscented soap and gentle skin moisturizers designed to effectively cleanse the body. It is the only wet wipe on the market that includes a dry wipe to “towel off.” Paper Shower is sold exclusively on Amazon.com and retails at $10.20 for a 12-pack.