Top Ideas for Exploring the Great Outdoors with Metal Detectors in the Great Lakes Region

Industry professional and avid Metal Detectorist Michael Bernzweig
of with the XP DEUS Wireless metal detector.

No matter where your camping adventures take you in the Great Lakes region, there are many places to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Michael Bernzweig of shares with Gr8lakes Campers some exciting ways to enjoy the hobby of Metal Detecting throughout the Great Lakes area.

There are many great recreational spots to choose from, so first decide where you plan to use your metal detector. Do you expect to stay on dry land or take your equipment in or near the water? If you are hunting on the land, you can choose from a good variety of land based metal detectors. Most of the models offered by include waterproof search coils. If your outdoor activities take you deeper in to the water, get a model that is completely waterproof. It is interesting to note that some water proof metal detectors are appropriate for snorkeling and diving as deep as 200 feet.

Where to hunt in the Great Lakes Region? 
There are lots of lakes, ponds, beaches, parks and public areas to choose from for your adventures. You should check with a local metal detecting club to find the best spots where you can hunt. There are quite a few clubs in the great lakes region.

Illinois: the Great Lakes Historical Recovery Club
Indiana: Hoosier Exploration and Recovery
Michigan: Michigan Treasure Hunters
Minnesota: Gopher State Treasure Hunters
New York: Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers
Ohio: Dayton Diggers
Pennsylvania: Southeastern Pennsylvania Historical Recovery Group
Wisconsin: Mid State Metal Detector Club

What is the best metal detector to begin with? 
Metal detecting can be an exciting and peaceful outdoor pastime. Treasure hunting with a metal detector can also be a lucrative activity. So how do you get started? Industry veteran, Bernzweig has provided some insightful hints. First, decide what type of metal detecting you plan to do. Will you be looking for coins and jewelry? Or will you be mainly looking for relics? Do you want to hunt down a meteorites or killer gold nuggets? Every style of metal detector is designed purposely for the specific style of detecting that you plan to do. For instance, the Fisher CZ-21 is an ideal unit for hunting in the water. The Garrett AT Pro is a hybrid which is ideal for both land and water hunting.

To finish, you will want to choose your budget. Land based metal detectors start at less than $200. Completely waterproof models can start a bit higher and can easily top $1,000 plus. Make sure to factor in funds for a few important accessories to get started. For example, at the beach you will want a sand scoop. On the land you will want a strong trowel for recoveries. Finally, you will want to select a high quality metal detecting headphone like the Audiophone II. Headphones let you hear the oldest, deepest targets. No matter where your adventures take you, have fun and be safe.