VIDEO Detroit RV Show: 2012 Flagstaff V-Lite 30WFKSS

One of the RVs that has caught my eye the last year or two is the Flagstaff V-Lite. What makes this travel trailer unique is the V-shaped front end, or nose, of the camper that extends out over the tongue. Flagstaff's twin, Rockwood, also makes a similar RV which it calls the Windjammer.

Flagstaff V-Lite 30WFKSS
Westland Camping Center had at least three V-Lites on display at the Detroit Camper & RV Show. Each had either a kitchen, quad bunks or sofa/bed tucked into the V-nose. There's also a model that has a bathroom in the V-nose and another with a bedroom up front, with a deep closet tucked into the V-nose.

Scott Rochette gave us a tour of the 30WFKSS model, which has the kitchen up front and is their most popular V-Lite model, he said.

The two main benefits from this V-nose design innovation is the significant improvement in both towing and interior floorplan functionality.

As you would expect, the V-shaped nose cuts through the wind when towing, offering enormous improvement in fuel economy for your tow vehicle.The lightest V-Lite available is the 21WRS (4,991 lbs. dry weight). The heaviest is the 30WRLTS (7,132 lbs.). The one we toured, 30WFKSS, came in at 6,950 lbs. dry eight.

On the inside, the V-nose really adds a ton of interior space. You wouldn't think that something as simple as a V-nose would do that, but think about it. After you've moved the kitchen into the nose, all of a sudden you have all that extra room in rest of the camper for any number of things - two swivel rockers, a larger bathroom and larger bedroom, for example.

Enough of me talking. Watch the video and let Scott give you a tour.

Dry Hitch Weight.......894 lbs. (406 kg)
Dry Ship Weight........6,950 lbs. (3,152 kg)
GVWR.....................8,650 lbs. (3,924 kg)
Cargo Capacity.........1,700 lbs. (771 kg)
Exterior Length..........34 ft., 5 in. (10.5 m)
Exterior Height..........10 ft., 0 in. (3.0 m)
Fresh Water Tank......43 gal. (163 L)
Gray Water Tank.......76 gal. (288 L)

Black Water Tank......38 gal. (144 L)
Awning Size...............21 ft. (6.4 m)