New RV Product: Safety Spair Flat Tire Repair System

Here's a product that bears further exploration. If it's as good as advertised, it's a must-have for RVers.

We RVers are a resilient group. If something needs fixing on our motor home or camper, as long as it's not something major most of us are more than capable of handling it ourselves. And replacing a flat tire with the spare tire is certainly one of those things most of us can do.

But this product, the Safety Spair Flat Tire Repair System, looks like it's something everyone of us ought to have. It's small, and a perfectly suitable option should you ever find yourself in a situation where you either can't, or would rather not, replace the flat tire with a spare tire.

A quick look at the manufacturer's website shows they have several other similar products, including one specifically for trucks, which I presume would be applicable for Class A motor homes.

I have put a call into the manufacturer and requested a product sample. If I can get one, I will test it out and report back on its performance.

Here's some more information from the manufacturer...

When faced with having to use a traditional spare tire, many people do not feel confident that they can repair a flat themselves. Those that can change a spare tire are not immune to the dangers the roadside presents. From the vehicle slipping off the tire jack to being struck by traffic, changing a spare tire exposes drivers to an array of risks.

As the worldwide leader in tire care, Slime decided to develop a better alternative to dangerous roadside repairs. In their flat tire repair kit, Slime and their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sister company Sealant Systems International (SSI) have modern solutions that make the spare tire look outdated.

“We knew that the spare tire was not the right tool and wanted to create a product that empowered drivers to repair a flat tire quickly and effectively," said Rodney Cegelski, Slime’s EVP of Marketing. "After watching market research participants change their spare tire and clocking a 45-minute average repair time, we knew something had to be done.”

After years of working with car manufacturers, the SSI brand Onboard Tire Repair System (OTRS) was born and sold into the OEM market. A few years later, the Safety Spair was born and sold at retail. Today, SSI continues to focus on supplying car manufacturers with high-quality sealant repair kits, while Slime brings this technology to the retail shopper with the Safety Spair.

As the name implies, the Safety Spair revolutionizes the way people repair flat tires by offering a safe, simple solution that gives every driver the confidence that they can repair a flat tire in just seven minutes. Today, Slime is still the only company to offer a push-button, complete sealant and air tire repair system that can be purchased in a retail setting.

Looking at the new vehicle market, it is plain to see that the spare tire is going the way of the cassette deck. According to, in the past five years, there has been a 38 percent decrease (about 51 models) in vehicles that come equipped with full-size spares. The decision to omit the spare tire from newer vehicles reduces costs and decreases the weight of the vehicle, helping to improve gas mileage. This, in turn allows automakers to meet the fuel economy requirements mandated by Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards that require improved average fuel economy. With the CAFE standards in place, the spare tire will soon be a distant memory.

“After manufacturing sealant and air-based repair kits under the Slime brand for almost a decade, we have seen a growing consumer acceptance for these products,” said Cegelski. As a worldwide leader in tire care distributed in over 80 countries, Slime offers a full line of tire care products, including tire sealants and tubes, to retailers, distributors and customers. Slime is a California-based company dedicated to creating tire care products that are safe for users, tires and the environment as solidified by Slime’s Green Promise.

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