Wheel bearings repacked!

My dad and I finished repacking the wheel bearings on our campers this past weekend.

Good to have that nasty job done with.

We started it two weekends ago, but we only finished two wheels on his camper. Weather was a factor. We were actually repacking the bearings while it was hailing!

That was the bad news that day, the good news is that dad found out the previous owner of his camper had installed zerk fittings. Still, he wanted to take off his wheels just so he could see that all was in good order on the inside.

Not a problem, until the rain and hail started. And I broke a cotter pin, too. So we hit the hardware store for a new one, then hightailed it back to the campers and put the two wheels back together.

This weekend it was time to get to his other two wheels and the four on mine.

It had been two years since I had done mine, and I was happy to see that three of the four were in good shape. The fourth wasn't bad, I probably could have gotten another year out of it, but it was good to get some grease in there.

The other nice thing was to see that all drums and brakes were still okay. Mine are pretty old - going on 11 years now - but they've still got a few more years on them. Dad's camper is newer, I think it's a 2006 model, so his were absolutely fine.

Next up on the agenda: de-winterizing. We'll pull our campers to our driveways so we can clean them up properly, blow out the water lines and give it a good scrubbing inside and out. Might get to that this coming weekend, might not. Dad and mom are camping at Algonac State Park for Easter, so he's itching to get his done. He needs to better secure the new door handle, plus a few odds and ends.

The other thing I want to do to mine is re-caulk many of my seams. Don't know if it's ever been done, and it's time. I want to keep this camper for many more years. I also bought this product that is supposed to convert surface rust into metal, or something like that. I've never used it before so I'll let you know how it goes. Need to do that to the tongue.

That's all for now. Next update when it comes available.