The RV Doctor's 'Spring Shakedown Primer'

Gary Bunzer, The RV Doctor, just posted great information on the things to to do to your camper to get it ready for the camping season.

Gary calls it his "Spring Shakedown Primer" and it's an absolute must for every RVer.

"After each period of non-use, regardless if the RV was winterized for sub-freezing temperatures or simply stored in the driveway, every coach must be properly prepped for use prior to simply taking off down the highway," gary says. "Many call this preparation process the 'spring shakedown.' It involves a few detailed tasks, best addressed in a systematic manner, so nothing falls through the cracks."

Among the many, many items on his Shakedown list are:
  • Wash the exterior, which allows you to carefully inspect the outside for issues that need to be addressed like failing caulk or cracked vents.
  • Flush the RV antifreeze through the lines and disable the water heater bypass.
  • Clean and repack the wheel bearings every two years, inspecting the brakes in the process.

This is only a handful of Gary's comprehensive list. Click here to go to his post and get the whole thing.

"Review the owner’s manual to verify nothing was left out of the spring shakedown procedures," gary says. "Only when thoroughly satisfied nothing is amiss, load that refer, pack that gear and get that rig on the road! And remember, RVing is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!"