Bacon-atarian Challenge

My wife's hamburger, with crumbled bacon and blue cheese.
So, my wife's friends are attempting to be vegans for 21 days. Vegans, of course, not only don't meat but don't eat anything that's even associated with meat. It's only plants for them.

We're countering their challenge with the Bacon-atarian 21-day Challenge. For the next 21 days (actually, 24 days because there's still three Fridays left in Lent that we have to skip), we are going to eat bacon everyday. The catch is we'll never eat bacon the same way twice.

Yesterday it was crumbled bacon on our hamburgers. Tonight, it's bacon-wrapped filet steaks. I like our chances.

By the way, this Bacon-atarian thing is my wife's idea.

I love this woman!