RV Education 101 ebooks

RV Education 101 ebooks
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About RV Education 101
RV Education 101 is a North Carolina-based company that produces and sells educational videos, DVDs, books and ebooks. Owned and operated by Mark and Dawn Polk, RV Education 101 is a widely acclaimed resource for learning everything there is to know about owning an RV. Mark's extensive background working in the RV industry as a service technician and salesman provided the unique perspective for him to see the need for a more educated RVer. New RV owners left the dealership with excitement, but little practical knowledge on how to properly maintain, repair and enjoy their RV to its fullest. This is what led him to launch RV Education 101 in 1999. His wife, Dawn, joined the company as its Sales & Marketing Director after also having worked in the RV industry.

'The Original Checklist for RVers'
(90 pages with 40 checklists; $12.95) This ebook is RV Education 101's top seller, and it's because Mark Polk knows firsthand that checklists help simplify our daily lives. If we don't write down what we need to remember, inevitably we forget something. This can be especially true with RVs because there are just too many things to remember. You will want to protect you and your investment in a routine and safe manner. In this 90-page ebook, there are 40 checklists applicable for pop-ups, travel trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes to use from the time you purchase your RV until you store it for winter and everything in between! It includes checklists for: Pre-delivery Inspections; Basic Inventory; Tools & Supplies; Getting There Safely; Campground Set-up; Pre-Trip; Home Security; Dinghy Towing; Essential Items; Nice to Have Items; Traveling with Pets; Awning Operation; Winterizing & De-winterizing your RV; Storing your RV; Battery Testing Chart; Spring Prep; and much more. This ebook has been updated with 10 extra checklists!

"Hi Dawn and Mark, I can't Thank you enough for the 'Checklist for RVers' instant ebook. I can honestly say that the both of you are well seasoned when it comes to RVing. It's evident by the way you presented all this valuable information. You laid out everything in laymen's terms. I feel that this should be sitting on book store shelves. You deserve a 'HIGH 5' for all your efforts. I am totally devoted to your website. Keep up the great work. Thanks again." - Ken & LaDonna Wade, North Carolina
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'The RV Book'
(250 pages; $17.95) "The RV Book" print version has sold over 52,000 copies since 2006. Now for the first time ever "The RV Book" is being offered as an instant download ebook. For only $17.95 (and no shipping & handling charges) you can enjoy instant access to this best-selling RV how-to book. Mark Polk, author and producer of America’s most highly regarded RV training series, tells you everything you need to know before you buy your RV and everything you need to know after the purchase. The RV Book is packed with 16 chapters and over 250 pages covering every RV topic imaginable. This is not your typical ebook! No RVer, whether new or experienced, should be without "The RV Book." Note: This ebook is a large file and should only be downloaded with a high-speed Internet connection.
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'RV Campground Basics'
(53 pages; $12.95) If you're going to buy an RV, you need to use it; otherwise it is nothing more than a large and expensive lawn ornament. Where to go, what to do when you get there and all of the different camping clubs available to the new RVer can be confusing until you have a few RV trips under your belt. The more you know about campgrounds and RV Parks, the better your camping experience will be. You need to determine how you plan to use your RV, explore all of your options and join a club or clubs that is just right for you. How do you find these campgrounds, parks and resorts? Should you make reservations before leaving on a trip? How do you register when you arrive? What kind of site should you request? Do you need a partial hook up or a full hook up? What does campground etiquette mean? How do you determine the right camping club for you? The purpose of this ebook is to try and answer all of these questions and much more.

"The complex 'RV Campground Basics' by Mark Polk provides a comprehensive overview of the many varied camping spots available, contact info and how to find the perfect spot for your next getaway. Finally, all the facts are in one publication." - Peggi McDonald author of "RV Living in the 21st Century"
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'101 Tips for RVers'
(27 pages; $12.95) This ebook is a direct result of feedback from RV Education 101 consumers. Mark and Dawn Polk have had numerous requests to compile some tips that would be useful to RVers, regardless of their level of experience. Some of the tips are very basic and simple while others are more detailed and technical. There are tips that will save the RVer time and money, and some that will prevent untimely, costly repairs to the RV. Some of the tips are common sense, some you learn from experience, and some were passed on from other RVers. And some were contributed from the Polk's 6-year-old son Tyler!

"Hello Dawn and Mark. I found your RV Education 101 web site. I downloaded the Collection (101) RV Tips E book. Wow, so much good information. Then I said to my wife, if the E Book is this good, I wonder how good the Tapes and DVD's must be. I ordered 3 tapes. THEY ARE GREAT and very informative. I want to take this time out and tell you both that I am happy that we have people like you both to help people like me. Again, thanks to the both of you. P.S. I also told the RV dealer that they should order the collection of all your Tapes and DVD's and I will pass your name around also." Stephen Mason, New Jersey.
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'RV Care and Maintenance'
(40 pages; $12.95) Mark Polk is a retired US Army Maintenance Chief Warrant Officer Three. He knows what is required to keep large fleets of combat vehicles prepared for the rigors of war. The same thing that's required to get many years of reliable service and use from your RV. "RV Care & Maintenance" is filled with preventive maintenance checks you perform on your RV before a problem exists. These checks are designed to prevent or identify potential problems that could lead to mechanical breakdown, malfunction or failure of a component or system on your RV. Preventive maintenance consists of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, adjusting and servicing your RV. These checks can help you enjoy trouble-free operation of your RV. They do not supersede any scheduled maintenance recommended by the chassis and RV manufacturer and it is imperative that those schedules and recommended intervals for the checks in this ebook are followed. Some of the scheduled maintenance for your RV must be performed by an RV dealer, chassis manufacturer or authorized service center.

"Dawn, Thanks for the "Preventive Maintenance Checks e-book", and all of the information, as a newbie (just our first anniversary with our RV), I appreciate the service you provide. When one spouse is less than sure that something is being done correctly, it's very handy to point to one of your videos and make sure it's being done rightly." Michael Glenn
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'Insiders Guide to Buying an RV'
(108 pages; $14.95) Mark Polk is proficient in RV repair and maintenance, and he was the Sales Manager & Finance & Insurance Manager for an RV dealership for many years, giving him valuable insider information as an expert in the RV buying process. And when you're finally ready to go shopping for the perfect RV, Mark's valuable RV buyer's checklist included, so nothing is overlooked. You need to slow down the RV buying process and make some educated, well-informed decisions. When you purchase an RV it's easy to overlook something, forget to check something, or most importantly not be properly informed about something. Whatever the case may be, you don't realize it until after you buy it and then it's too late. Owning an RV is meant to be fun. But making the wrong buying decisions can make it miserable. If you follow the steps in this RV buying guide you will be on your way to an enjoyable RV ownership experience for years to come. This is the best $14.95 you'll ever spend when you realize how much it can possibly save you in time and research.

"When we were in the market for our first RV we didn't know much about them, except that we wanted one. While researching the subject I ran across the Insider's Guide to Buying an RV, and every page in the book answered the questions I had and many more I didn't even think about. Not only did it help in deciding the type of RV right for us, but it prepared us for shopping phase as well." Charles & Sonja Weston. Austin, TX
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'Winterizing & Storing your RV'
(20 pages; $12.95) You’ve had a great year camping, now it's time to put your RV away for the winter. What do you do? Where do you start? Don't worry, you are not alone. These are common questions, ones that RV expert Mark Polk will answer for you in this specialized winterizing and storing ebook. Winterizing the RV protects the RV's water system, but what about the tires, batteries, generator, chassis storage, coach storage and other components that can be damaged if they are not properly prepared for short or long term storage? You will see detailed step-by-step instructions on how to properly winterize (and de-winterize) and store your RV. Outlined is a list of supplies needed and the steps to take for you to complete the project. Let RV expert Mark Polk help you thoroughly understand all of your winterizing and storing needs!
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'RV Awning Use & Care'
(18 pages; $9.95) If you have been around RV’s, you have probably heard many horror stories about RV awning mishaps. There was the camper who decided to leave the awning out while they headed to the beach for a couple of hours. When they returned to the campsite they discovered the awning hardware and fabric was on top of the RV, due to a strong gust of wind from a storm that suddenly moved in. Mark Polk also tells of when he was driving down the interstate and the awning tried to unfurl as he was traveling. And there was Robin Williams in the movie “RV” who left the campground with the awning still out, in an attempt to make a hasty retreat from his pesky neighbors. There are many other campers with many other awning horror stories to tell. Mark's goal with this e-book is to make sure you are not one of those campers, with one of those awning stories to tell around the campfire. The good news is the awnings on your RV can and will provide many years of reliable trouble-free operation, if you take the time to properly care for and maintain our RV awnings.
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    'Deep Cycle Battery Care & Maintenance'
    (24 pages; $9.95) Show me an RVer or boater who hasn’t had problems with deep cycle batteries and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t been RVing or boating for very long. In most cases, problems related to deep cycle batteries are usually a result of not understanding what is involved to properly maintain and care for lead acid batteries. About 85 percent of all 12 volt batteries manufactured in the United States die before they should. The "Deep Cycle Battery Care & Maintenance" ebook was designed to help extend the life of your deep cycle batteries and to save you money. With a little routine preventive maintenance your deep cycle batteries can and will last as long as they should. This ebook includes sections on understanding lead acid batteries, battery ratings, battery types, sizes and configurations, battery maintenance, testing, charging, storage and more
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      'RV Buyers Survival Guide'
      By: Bob Randall / Published and Edited by RV Education 101 (100 pages; $16.95) Before you take that critical first step in buying any RV, you must read this guide. Written by someone who has worked in the RV industry, you’ll learn how to make the perfect selection and tips on how to save money. Anyone about to buy an RV armed with the information in this book stands to garner information to make their RV decisions easier. Bob Randall was the sales manager for a big RV dealer. He also is the former head of sales for one of America’s largest RV manufacturers. In this tell-all ebook, he reveals how a dealer makes his money, and how low an offer a buyer can make off list price and still get the rig, plus what can you expect from a trade-in. Randall offers secret step-by-step instructions that only an RV insider could provide! The perfect guide for RV buyers.
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        'Complete Guide To: RV Towing, Weights, Hitch Work & Backing'
        (39 pages; $12.95) If you've ever had questions or concerns about towing, weights, hitch work and backing, this ebook has the answers. Mark Polk, the owner of RV Education 101, said he wrote this guide because these are topics that the every RVer needs to understand so RVing can be fun rather than worrisome. The guide is packed with information on subjects like properly matching your tow vehicle and trailer, trailer weights, backing techniques that really work, proper hitch work, towing tips, driving tips, controlling sway, dinghy towing, weighing your RV and much more.

        "Mark, I wanted to personally thank you for all the education material you provide on RVs. I have purchased two of your ebooks which came in very useful while purchasing our travel trailer. We are new to RVing and needed a LOT of education. I just finished watching your DVD on travel trailer/5th wheel info. I am feeling much more confident about taking possession of our 29' Puma tomorrow!! I have ordered a few more items from your website and look forward to watching them and learning more about rving. Thanks again for you do for the industry and for those of us who haven't a clue!!" - Shari Karanas, Louisiana
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        'Pop-Up Basics 101'
        (42 pages; $12.95) If you are considering purchasing a pop-up, or already own one and have questions about towing, weights, hitch work, backing, campground set-up, LP Gas, water and the electrical systems this ebook is for you. "Pop-Up Basics 101" will walk you through what a pop-up is and how it works. There are several useful checklists to refer back to when you are getting ready to leave on a trip, when you arrive at the campground, when it's time to store your pop-up and when you prep it for use the next spring. It discusses how to safely match the pop-up with the tow vehicle and provides safe driving and towing tips. It also gives some easy advice on how to master backing your pop-up.
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        'Dinghy Towing'
        (33 pages; $12.95) A motor home offers us the freedom to explore the open road. We can go where we want when we want. But what happens when we arrive at a destination where we plan to stay put for a day, a week or a month? How do we explore the area, or take a quick trip to the grocery store? One option is to disconnect everything and take the motor home. What a pain this can be just for a loaf of bread! Another option is to tow a vehicle behind the motor home. Now when we need a loaf of bread or want to take a day trip we have our transportation readily available. This makes much more sense, but just how do we do this? That's what this ebook is all about. It will explain everything you need to know about dinghy towing in an easy to understand format. Our goal with this ebook is to help you learn how to properly tow a dinghy, and to assist you in making the right decisions to meet your particular towing needs.
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