MLB Players Launch 'CupCheck' Game; Perfect for RVing

Eight Major Leaguers Launch “CupCheck,” the New Game That Can Be Played Anywhere
Fans always wonder what athletes do in their free time. Some spend time with family or take a vacation but eight major leaguers bucked that trend and decided to become entrepreneurs. They invented the next great recreational game, CupCheck. The game is a fun and high profile project that will revolutionize “backyard sports.” Purchasing the product will also support an often overlooked but very important cause. CupCheck has committed to donating a portion of every game sold to testicular cancer research.
Kevin Jepsen, who spent most of his career pitching for the Los Angeles Angels, is the CEO of CupCheck. He says as soon as you start playing the game, it is impossible to put it down. “We’ve all had a blast playing this game which is why we wanted to share it with outdoor game fans everywhere,” said Jepsen. “Wherever the game is set up, it draws a crowd and that’s what anyone who buys this game can expect. The best part is you can play it anywhere,” he continued.
The current and former MLB Players involved in the launch are Yasiel Puig, Evan Longoria, Kevin Jepsen, Kirby Yates, Garrett Richards, Alex Cobb, Matt Andriese and Curt Casali. At a get together, the players assembled a homemade version of the game and ended up playing for hours. After setting it up at a NASCAR event, they drew such a crowd with the game that they watched others play for hours and realized they had a potential hit product on their hands. Thus CupCheck was born.
This “play anywhere,” competitive disc game combines skill and endurance as players defend their post from opposing teams, providing friends and family with hours of competition. The rules of CupCheck are simple; each player throws a flying disc at the opponent’s poles, either trying to make it through the two polls or knocking the cups off. Because of the base at the bottom of the posts, consumers can play in the gym, on sporting fields, at the beach, in the backyard, tailgating, on vacation, while camping or on campus.
For a visual explanation of CupCheck, viewers can watch drone footage on the website to learn how to play the game, read more detailed rules, and learn from the players how to assemble the game.
CupCheck is a Phoenix-based product that will be launched into different national markets throughout the year. The game in now available for pre-order purchase on
About CupCheck the Game
CupCheck the Game is a recreational game established by eight major league baseball players that provides endless entertainment for the gym, backyard, beach, campground or tailgate competition. CupCheck is meant to be enjoyed by players 12 & up and any talent level. Whether it’s by offensive disc-flinging accuracy, defensive catching ability or just encouragement and excitement, a player can always contribute to their team’s success!