10 Apps Perfect for RVers

10 Apps that Every RVer Needs in Their Life

Toll Calculator
This app is exactly what it sounds like - one capable of calculating exactly how much toll money you'll need on certain routes, and which roads to take for the lowest tolls. Just enter in two addresses like you normally would with any other digital map, and the calculator provides you with costs for three different potential routes. This little gadget honestly has the ability to save you hundreds of dollars, and covers EVERY toll road in the U.S. Vehicles of all kinds are supported, and it syncs with various payment methods such as cash and E-ZPass. Even time-based toll roads are depicted.

RV Checklist
This checklist app is a tool providing various lists for the RV owner's use. Covering various phases of the RV adventure, they are crafted by a fellow RV owner who decided there should be a better way to manage RV trips and maintenance than just multiple handwritten checklists - or trying to depend on your memory! Three master lists are now available on the app - two for short and long trips, and one for a maintenance to-do list. Pick what items you want to bring, build a trip list unique for one specific adventure, or select multiple tasks you need to accomplish before you set out on your journey. With AirPrint and Bluetooth capabilities, you can exchange your checklists with others, or send them to other devices of your own. With lists ranging from arriving at and departing from sites, to first aid kits, to RV purchasing checklists, this app is what you need to make sure you never forget any important tasks that come with being an RV owner!

The only digital map built exclusively for adventure-loving travelers, you're always minutes away from something awesome with Roadtrippers. Whether you're planning an epic cross-country road trip for a weekend escape, you can discover millions of places like local diners, quirky roadside attractions, scenic points, national parks and hotels with the click of a button. Plan trips directly from the app, or through the web at roadtrippers.com - then share them with your friends! Friends can add suggestions to your trip itinerary and travel with their favorite navigational app. Any trips you've saved or places you love will be synced automatically across devices, so you don't have to worry about manually syncing them yourself! What are you waiting for? Get your roadtripping on with Roadtrippers today!

RV Trader
The RV Trader app is GPS-sensitive, and puts more than approximately 90,000 new and used RVs available for purchase at your fingertips. Find a dealer in the RV Trader Dealer Network near you, or search the RV Trader database for RVs by type, condition, price range and model year - in a specific ZIP code or by location! You can view several RV and dealer locations on enhanced Google Maps, and quickly access driving directions to each. Every single RV listing provides you with detailed model descriptions, including length and stock number, along with multiple photo angles of the unit for sale. YouTube videos are even available for tours of select listings. It's incredibly easy to contact sellers via phone or email immediately, as well as obtaining maps with driving directions to the dealership, so you can be well on your way to buying that unit of your dreams. Want to share the RV you found with a friend, or save it to your favorites list? You can do both with our new, revamped app. Download it on iTunes or Google Play today!

One of the most frustrating things for RV owners to remember is checking for cell phone coverage in certain areas they plan to travel too- before it's too late, and they're already there...without signal. Don't let that happen to you. You never know when certain emergencies are going to pop up, when your niece is going to be having her baby, or when you're going to need to call the nearest mechanic near you to help with a maintenance issue! This app overlays cellular carrier coverage on a map for easy comparison, and is perfect for you to research, record, and remember where you are and aren't covered across the United States. One of the best parts? You don't need an Internet connection needed to access the maps - the atlases are proprietary, and stored directly on your device. Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are all included, too! Carriers featured with this app are Verizon, Spring, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

Dish Network - DISH Anywhere App
Oftentimes when you're traveling in an RV, you're likely to be covering massive distances, and you'll need to keep yourself entertained while on the road (or in bad weather, when the outdoors aren't as enjoyable or are more dangerous than desirable). You might have a TV in your RV, but what are your plans for staying connected to the channels and platforms you love? With DISH Anywhere, you don't have to worry about that. Both live and recorded programs are available anytime, anywhere, and you can manage your home TV with a full DVR manager and searchable program guide. This is particularly helpful for all you sports fans out there - we know you don't want to miss your team's big playoff game, even if it happens while you're on vacation in the backcountry! Schedule recordings from anywhere you are, search the guide up to a week in advance, and view and adjust your home recording schedule all from the app. You can even transfer your DVR recordings to watch them offline, on other devices. Receiver models include 512, 522, 625, 722, 922, and more, including Hopper and Sling.

REI Co-op National Parks Guide
Released in time to celebrate the NPS centennial, REI’s National Parks free app is a comprehensive guide to hiking and site seeing in our National Parks. Currently packing complete trail data and hike descriptions for many of your favorite National Parks, including life-list destinations like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, Grand Teton, Mount Rainier, Point Reyes, Rocky Mountain, Zion, Acadia and more. Among its many features: Search for hikes using the map or a park's “best of” list curated through star rankings from the community; See your live position on a terrain or satellite map and vertical profile; The data is available offline, and your phone uses its built-in GPS to show your location; Create a to-do list, track your hikes, or send your exact location to help in case of emergency.

Many RVers have been well aware of this for quite some time, but so many seemingly typical places have unbelievable stories hidden amidst their bricks and bushes. With Findery, every place has a story – and every one of those stories is just waiting for you to discover it. It's basically a giant world treasure map – share your favorite places and the stories behind them. Leave notes about the places you've been, what happened in spots around town that you love, and compile a bucket list of locations you dream of visiting one day. Discover the world not through published, marketed advertisements, but through real stories by real people like you. On a mission to develop products for people to cultivate meaningful experiences through global travel and immersion, Findery connects you with your inner wanderlust by exposing you to the intersection between discovery, travel, technology, and personal stories.

Passport America
The original 50% Discount Camping Club, Passport America offers 1,800 locations for members to save while camping in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Both members and non-members can browse the directory of participating campgrounds, RV Parks, Resorts, and more. Locate parks near you, or save future parks for later. The app is free, and paid membership with Passport America is surprisingly low cost for the deals you get! Go sign up and grab those 50% off deals today!

Rand McNally Road Atlas
For over 90 years, Rand McNally has provided the classic, go-to roadmap for roadtrippers all over the country. Now, they've turned their navigational expertise into an app. With the Rand McNally Road Atlas app, you get a digitally optimized version of their legendary road atlas, with updated 2017 maps for all 50 states (plus Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, and Mexico). Once you download the map, you digital connection is required. Large cities and national parks are listed with detailed inset maps, the pinch-and-zoom functionality feature provides effortlessly simple interaction. All available maps are available in a drop-down list, and a slide-out legend is supplied for reference. Even more fun? Bonus features include to two classic maps toward the very end of the atlas listings: 1883 and 1920 railroad maps!