The Fit RV: Lithium-Powered, 48-Volt Travato 59GL by Winnebago

This video is part of a full review by Stef and James of The Fit RV with an accompanying article.  You can find that on their website:

Here's info from Stef & James:
We were among the first to get up close and personal with one of Winnebago's newest models, the Travato 59 GL.  The "L" stands for Lithium, and this coach features Winnebago's Pure3 energy system.  This system, developed in conjunction with Volta, is based on a 48-volt automotive-style lithium battery bank, matched up with a high capacity alternator and a powerful inverter.  The goal was to design a system that's easy to use, and acts just like being plugged into shore power 24x7. But the energy system isn't the only improvement in this new model.  There are new windows, new shades, a new refrigerator, and lots of other neat improvements.

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