'STOP the Invasives Week' in Michigan State Parks Aug. 1-6 offers hands-on programming

Explorer Guides provide outdoor education
programming in Michigan state parks, including
the upcoming STOP the Invasives Week,
which is Aug. 1-6. (DNR Photo)
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will highlight the identification, management and impact of invasive species during STOP the Invasives Week in Michigan state parks Aug. 1-6.

An invasive species is one that is not native and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan's economy, environment or human health. Some of the better known invasive species on Michigan's radar include invasive carp, Asian longhorned beetle, red swamp crayfish and yellow floating heart.

The annual STOP the Invasives program features informational hikes, aquatic and terrestrial education, games and other related hands-on programming for the entire family. Participants will learn about invasive species found in Michigan, how to identify them and what visitors can do to help stop the spread. The program will take place at more than 40 state parks during this weeklong event.

STOP the Invasives Week and many other programs are led by state park Explorer Guides and park interpreters who work in the park and present a variety of outdoor education opportunities in Michigan state parks Memorial Day through August. These enthusiastic, nature-minded folks lead hikes, activities and programming that shine a spotlight on each park’s unique resources.

To find a program in your favorite park, visit www.michigan.gov/natureprograms and click on the link “STOP the Invasives Week” under Special Programs and Activities. To see all available Explorer programming throughout the summer, view the interactive map or alphabetical list of parks.

To learn more about identifying and preventing the spread of invasive species, visit michigan.gov/invasivespecies.