RV Education 101 debuts educational blog for RVers

RV Education 101 announced a new RV 101 blog site to help assist and educate RV owners and potential owners on how to safely and properly use and maintain RVs.

“We are happy to announce the launch on our new RV blog site, titled ‘RV 101 with Mark Polk.’ Our goal with this blog is to make available qualified RV information to help RV owners learn about using and maintaining their RVs,” said c0-owner Mark Polk in a press release. “I see things in some RV blogs and RV related videos that make me nervous. All too often folks buy an RV, spend six months on the road and start a blog or produce videos with erroneous and inaccurate information.

“Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with starting a blog, but if you do and it is technical, the information presented in the blog or video should be accurate and qualified. Our core business model is RV 101 (new and beginning RVers), so our new blog will concentrate on articles and videos in four distinct categories: Beginning RVers, RV DIY & Maintenance, RV Tips & Tricks and RV Products.”

The new RV 101 blog coincides with many other websites and social media venues RV Education 101 offers with the goal of helping educate RV consumers.

RV Education 101 co-owner Dawn Polk added, “We started our first blog “RVing with Mark Polk & Friends” in 2013. We did not really market and promote the blog or attempt to attract followers; it was simply a site where RV owners could go to learn more about their RVs. Today, on average that blog receives about 900 daily views. We get about 300 views from search engines, 300 from Pinterest and the remainder from Facebook and our other social media sites. The current blog format is established and it would be difficult to update or change the site, so our thoughts were to start fresh with a new blog site.

“We wanted the new RV 101 blog to be more appealing with rich photographs, informative videos and text to help illustrate each post. Our goal with this blog is to capture followers and continue to build the site with at least one new post weekly. It will be a win-win for everybody. Readers have access to valuable and informative RV content, and we have a venue to promote our RV training products to a targeted audience.”

RV Education 101 plans to participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, as an affiliate, to help offset the time and cost involved with hosting and maintaining the new blog.

“This way when a certain product or installation process is discussed in a post we can offer suggestions about specific products to our readers,” said Dawn Polk.

For more information visit RV 101 with Mark Polk.