Introducing the ‘EZ-UP Light’ for RVers & Campers

Thad Weed, owner of an RV rental business in Loganville, Ga., realized his customers often weren’t prepared for how dark a campsite can get. So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, he invented a compact and durable remote control light that brightens up a campsite.

Called the EZ-UP Light, the product features a 30-watt LED providing up to 16 different light colors, 42-inch power cord, and an IP65 waterproof rating.

“I realized from my many years of camping that campsites are very dark. So, when my clients only had to pack their personal belongings and groceries to go camping, because I took care of everything else, I knew that I needed to include good living space camp lighting — and the EZ-UP Light was born,” Weed said.

Made of three-piece modular hardware, the EZ-UP is durable, he explained, and is easily set up and taken down. It’s available as a clamp-on model ($79.99 MSRP) suitable for picnic tables or deck rails, or a tripod model ($119.99). Weed added he’s developing a cordless, rechargeable version as well as a solar-powered model.

Currently, the EZ-UP Light is available at, Mark Tuggle RV in Cumming, Ga., as well as a handful of Wild Birds Unlimited retail stores.