Camping Gear: Light Camper, A Lightweight Compact Sleeping Bag

Cozia Design is proud to announce the launch of a new product in the ever-growing catalogue of premium quality outdoor gear. The Light Camper Sleeping Bag is a compact, lightweight solution for camping trips in fall, spring and even early winter, depending on the region.

“We focused our design on making a sleeping bag that’s small and light enough to pack in your truck or carry with your backpack without sacrificing warmth. Our company believes in paying great attention to detail so for this product, the Light Camper Sleeping Bag, our challenge was choosing the right fabric that would be lightweight but still provide enough warmth to be a good solution for camping in weather as low as 41F. We’re confident we managed to produce one of the best light sleeping bags on the market, at probably the best price for its range” said Michael P, Cozia Design Sales Manager.

Lightweight and compact
The Cozia Design LightCamper Sleeping Bag is designed with 320T Polyester Ripstop Shell Fabric. This special fabric is extremely light but also offers great temperature control, making it possible for the bag to weight just 2.85 lbs including the compression sack. With the compression belts tightened at max, the LightCamper is only 9.84 inch high, perfect for fitting into any truck, luggage and even in bigger backpacks.

In full size, the sleeping bag is 86.6 inch long and 29.5 inch wide, the perfect size for an adult.

Waterproof, warm and comfortable
The fabric of the sleeping bag is waterproof, perfect for camping in any weather conditions. The Cozia Design sleeping bag was built to be a versatile solution for camping trips in most seasons with extra care to details like the overall comfort, ability to protect the users from elements and temperature control.

“Comfort is as important to us as durability and practicality, the Light Camper features wide-bottom S-Shaped quilted design, double fill technology for extra protection to your body, zipper weather-stripping design with drawstring structure and polyester fill. Thanks to the intelligent design it dries quickly and the BONUS liner allows you to keep it clean without having to wash the actual sleeping back frequently.”

Extra polyester liner BONUS for great added value
For added warmth and to prevent the bag from being washed more often than necessary, the value pack sold by Cozia Design includes, as a bonus to the Sleeping Bag, a polyester liner.

The sleeping bag liner offers great added value:

  • it’s very soft and comfortable
  • prevents inside of the bag from getting dirty
  • can be used as a sleeping bag liner or as a blanket on cold lines
  • it’s easy to remove if weather is too hot for it

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