RV Gear: L-com debuts 4G/LTE Mobile Booster Kit

L-com Global Connectivity, a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that it has released a 4G/LTE mobile booster kit.

L-com’s HAKIT-72150-M01 4G/LTE mobile booster kit is an ideal solution to meet today’s ever-increasing need for consistent cellular connectivity for mobile devices. It can be difficult to obtain a reliable cellular signal while in a car, RV or boat. This booster captures weak cellular signals and transfers them to a cell booster. The cell booster then amplifies and rebroadcasts the signals inside the vehicle, improving call quality and increasing data speeds while reducing the frequency of dropped calls.

“Weak signal areas as well as physical obstructions inside a vehicle can affect the performance of cellular devices. When installed in a vehicle, our new 4G/LTE mobile booster kit helps improve cellular voice and data signals so users can enjoy crystal-clear calls and fast, consistent data speeds,” said Ken Burgner, Product Manager.

The HAKIT-72150-M01 mobile booster kit mounts inside almost any vehicle and can be especially useful for commercial vehicles used for utility, construction, public safety (fire and police) and transportation (taxi, bus, etc.). Designed for in-vehicle use only, it is powered by a 12V power adapter which is included. This mobile booster kit allows you to simultaneously connect multiple mobile devices and works with 2G, 3G and 4G networks on most US carriers. The boosted cellular signal also helps reduce radiation and increase battery life for up to 2 hours of additional talk time in weak-signal areas.

Source: Press release