'Never Leak RV Roofing' Launches Nationwide Franchise Program

Never Leak RV Roofing, a Florida-based company providing affordable and quality-assured RV roof repair, replacement, remodeling and inspection, announced today (March 29) that it has launched a franchise program designed to expand the company’s footprint nationwide.

“Demand for our services is skyrocketing, and we’re constantly getting calls and emails from RV owners across the country who want us to end their frustrating, dangerous and costly leaky roof ordeal,” commented Michael Saegesser, the owner of Never Leak RV Roofing who launched the company three decades ago, and has a background in carpentry and general contracting. “The best way that we can serve these customers is by building a nationwide network of authorized franchisees, and giving them the training, tools and support they need to be successful.”

Never Leak RV Roofing franchisees can be located in any state, and the franchise fee for a protected territory has been set at $10,000 – which is significantly lower than competitors that typically charge between $25,000 and $50,000. Also unlike competitors, Never Leak RV Roofing is not obligating franchisees to purchase and maintain costly warehouses, and all repair, replacement, remodeling and inspection jobs can be completed with a minimal two-person crew.

In terms of marketing and business support, all franchisees will receive:

  • Marketing materials, including business cards and brochures
  • The opportunity to purchase deeply discounted products (e.g. sealant)
  • A designated storefront website attached to Never Leak RV Roofing main website at http://nvrlkrvroofing.net, which receives thousands of unique hits per month from prospective customers nationwide

With respect to lead generation, franchisees do not have to worry about channel conflict, as Never Leak RV Roofing will route all incoming leads via website, email or phone to the appropriate franchisee based on the customer’s location. For example, an email inquiry from a customer in Phoenix, AZ will be forwarded to the authorized franchisee in that area.

Individuals and businesses interested in learning more about potentially purchasing a Never Leak RV Roofing franchise are invited to submit an initial, brief letter of interest to Saegesser at nvrlkrvroofing@gmail.com. All correspondence will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Those who move forward through the process and are ultimately awarded a franchise will be invited to attend on-site training in Florida. Details and schedules will be discussed at the appropriate time.

“Helping people protect their investment, preserve the value and extend the life of their RV isn’t just profitable, but on a personal level it’s also highly fulfilling," added Saegesser. "The look of relief on our customers’ faces as we finally put their leaky roof nightmare behind them is priceless! We’re looking forward to partnering with franchisees across the country who want to make a positive difference in their communities, be part of an established brand that has an exceptional reputation, and provide a highly-demanded solution that is essentially recession-proof. In fact, the tougher the economy gets, the more demand there is for what we offer.”

For more information on Never Leak RV Roofing visit http://nvrlkrvroofing.net.

Source: Press Release