Fox Island Lighthouse Association seeks volunteers

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently announced the Fox Island Lighthouse Association is seeking volunteers mid-May through August for the Camper/Keeper Volunteer program at South Fox Island Light Station.

This opportunity gives people a great experience involving wilderness camping on one of the prettiest islands in northern Lake Michigan. Volunteer duties include offering tours to the occasional visitor and performing minor maintenance tasks, such as mowing the lawn and painting. There is a minimum two-week-stay requirement for volunteers.

South Fox Island Light Station is located on Lake Michigan, 17 miles northwest of the Leelanau Peninsula. The light station has two lighthouses, a fog signal building, a boat house, assistant keeper’s quarters, a carpenter's shed and an oil house – all in various stages of restoration.

For more information about the Camper Keepers Program, visit the Fox Island Lighthouse Association website or contact John Wells at or 231-933-0125.