AIS Insurance launches specialty RV insurance comparison website

AIS Insurance has launched a new insurance website,, dedicated to specialty insurance for motorhomes and other recreational vehicles, such as travel trailers, motorcycles, boats, jet skis and more. Consumers can learn more about and obtain quotes for specialty RV insurance policies that provide greater benefits over adding an RV to a driver’s standard car insurance policy.

“We want to help recreational vehicle owners get the most enjoyment and value out of their investments in these unique types of vehicles, including protecting them with the right insurance coverage,” said Mark Ribisi, president and CEO of AIS Management LLC. “With our new website, RV owners can compare the rates of multiple insurance companies to find out just how affordable a specialty RV policy can be.”

While it’s common for drivers to add an RV to an existing car insurance policy, there are significant benefits, with little to no added cost, to securing a specialty RV policy. Important coverages such as full purchase price reimbursement, full-timers coverage, campsite liability and emergency expenses are included with a specialty RV policy.

Since RV owners often have boats, ATVs and other recreational vehicles, insurance for these products is also available through

Lastly, recognizing that RVs are more than just a vehicle and represent a lifestyle, features a blog with articles on safely owning, maintaining and enjoying recreational vehicles. The site also hosts social communities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

About and is a brand of AIS. It is dedicated to the RV and recreational vehicle community, offering comparison shopping on specialty RV insurance policies to help owners make informed choices to protect and get the most out of their recreational vehicle investments.

Auto Insurance Specialists, more commonly known as AIS, has been providing insurance coverage to customers for almost 50 years. One of the nation’s largest independent insurance agencies, AIS is based in Cerritos, California and offers consumers a comparison shopping experience on a wide variety of insurance types, including auto, homeowner, renters, motorcycle, recreational vehicles, business insurance and more.

Source: Press Release