Rear View Safety debuts New Camera Systems for the Safety of RV's

At the recent 2015 National RV Trade Show that was organized by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, Rear View Safety, a leader in the sales and distribution of backup camera systems as well as a strong and dedicated road safety advocate, displayed all of the latest products and advancements that they've been working on for 2016 and beyond.

Rear View Safety also used the opportunity created by the famous RV trade show to debut two revolutionary new products to the market at large.

The first was the RVS-2CAM Wireless Backup Camera System with Dual Screen Monitor and Cigarette Lighter Adapter, one of the most advanced products of its type available today. The second product unveiled at the show was the RVS-718-3SC G-SERIES Rear View Replacement Mirror Monitor with Three 3.5 inch Displays

The RVS-2CAM Wireless Backup Camera System sports a digital wireless connection and a split-screen monitor, allowing the driver to view video information from two different cameras at the same time. Thanks to the specific type of wireless technology that is being used, an interference-free image is guaranteed at ranges up to 70 feet - making it the perfect solution for both private citizens and large commercial vehicles alike. The monitor itself is a stunning 7 inch LCD color display that boasts not only a high definition resolution and a 130 degree viewing angle, but also no less than 9 infra-red night vision lights enabling the unit to keep functioning even in periods of total darkness.

The RVS-718-3SC G-SERIES Rear View Replacement Mirror Monitor with Three 3.5 inch Displays acts as a replacement for a traditional rear view mirror. This crystal clear monitor supports a connection to up to six different video cameras at one time. Three cameras can be mounted on the front of a vehicle while three can be mounted on the back, for example, giving the driver complete access to all of the visual information they need to make safe, informed decisions on the road at all times. With this type of solution, the concept of the "blind spot" is officially a thing of the past. With the press of a single button, a driver can also turn off the displays and continue to use the unit like it was a regular rear view mirror.

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