FREE eBook now available: 'RVing 101: A guide for novice and veteran RVers'

I have a great new addition to my blog. The eBook above, "RVing 101: A guide for novice and veteran RVers," is full of great information about RVs and is courtesy of ROUTE 66 RV Network (more info on this group is below).

Among the topics covered in this downloadable eBook are:
  • RV Lingo
  • The Evolution of the RV
  • Which RV is Right for Me?
  • Rent an RV
  • How to Buy a Used RV
  • How to Save Money in an RV
  • Unique Camping Destinations
  • Courteous Camping

Looking at the options below the eBook, you'll see that you can download it, share it via social media, grab its embed code to put it on your site, jump to a page, zoom/reduce, and make it the full page on your screen.

"RV 101: An Introduction to the RV Lifestyle" was written by the the creative team with ROUTE 66 RV Network, an association of several dozen North American RV dealers who pledge outstanding and expedited service to one another's customers thus providing some real peace of mind for RVers on the road. In fact, a number of ROUTE 66 dealers have this very same eBook on their website.