Diamond Kote introduces the Most Advanced Rodent Protection for RV's

(Source: Release) Diamond Kote, headquartered in Toronto, introduced Mouse Shield, a dual impact rodent control technology, in a company announcement recently. Mouse Shield Pro combines a durable, automotive grade undercoating shield with a highly concentrated, all-natural repellent that drives rodents away.

A durable, vulcanized rubber-based undercoating, with a super-concentrated, natural rodent repellent, Mouse Shield creates a permanent, non-greasy, non-sticky barrier. Its abrasion-resistant coating effectively seals the most common mice entry points, while the secret repellent ingredient has a smell and taste that effectively deter mice before they can do any harm.

Stephen Clelland, President of WGI Manufacturing, the makers of Diamond Kote, says, "The most extensive damage caused by mice is electrical - a result of them chewing their way not only into your RV but through its wiring. Diamond Kote has engineered the best technology available to protect your investment and your home on the road."

It's a fact that when RV owners move out and store their vehicles for the winter, mice move in. Diamond Kote stops mice at the point of entry, slamming the door on rodent invasion, safely and effectively.

Diamond Kote is Canada's longest serving manufacturer and supplier of automotive appearance and protection products and programs. Founded in 1968 by Charles S. Walker, the Diamond Kote brand has become a renowned product name in North America, Europe and China.

For more information, visit: www.diamondkote.com.