RVspotfinder.com launches LetsBonfire.com

Dallas-based startup RVspotfinder.com is launching a new technology platform they say will change the outdoor travel industry forever, making it as easy to find and book campsites as it is to book a hotel. The new platform is called Bonfire (www.letsbonfire.com) and it leverages technologies that have long been successful in the hospitality industry, which is full of booking sites, apps and other conveniences.

“The demographics of the RV industry and camping have grown younger and more tech savvy,” says Nathan Smith, CEO and Founder of RVspotfinder.com. “Over 44 million outdoor travelers are hungry for modern technology to help manage and plan their outdoor adventures. It’s time.”

Understanding this trend, the RVspotfinder team has dedicated the last two years to a thorough research and development process and determined that today’s current options are severely lagging behind the modern needs of travelers and park owners alike.

RVspotfinder has now answered these needs directly by introducing Bonfire, a Campground Management Solution that will enable RV parks and Campgrounds to manage all aspects of park management, payment processing and most importantly real-time reservations. The company has received an overwhelming response from park owners, and expects to add over 750 properties to their platform before the 2016 season takes off.

The idea came to Smith when he and his wife wanted to plan an RV trip across the country.  “We were handed this enormous book with thousands of ads touting campground information” he said.  “I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a digital way to view parks, read reviews, choose a spot and make our reservations.  It seemed so old-fashioned, but I realized that this was the way it had always been done and any digital options were extremely expensive and not user friendly.”

With a background in hospitality, marketing and sales, Nathan and his team began visiting parks across the country in an effort to educate themselves on the needs of the industry and to better understand how their product would be beneficial.

“We learned that while a few software companies and applications were attempting to fill the need,” Smith said. “They created major doubt in the minds of the park owners because their rates were astronomical, and they just couldn’t easily merge the worlds of park owners and travelers.  The outdoor travel world shares a very social space and this also wasn’t being addressed.”

The Bonfire Campground Management Solution is designed to connect an industry in need of connectivity.  It enables an RV park to use one tool to manage their park, process payments, complete online reservations via multiple sites and apps while simultaneously updating all information such as rates, photos and events across multiple integrated partner apps.

RVspotfinder.com, LLC is a Texas based company with offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas and was founded in 2013.